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Meet Emmiley Stern

Major: B.A., Public Relations and Advertising
Expected graduation: 2016
Butler, Pa.
High school: Butler Senior High School

Why did you choose Point Park? 

I loved that Point Park was close enough to home that I could go back whenever I felt like it, but far away enough that I wouldn’t feel very homesick.

I was a mass communication major when I first came to Point Park, and I remember learning that the average person is exposed to over 5,000 messages a day from different advertisements. I thought I would like to be a part of the process in influencing people in such a subliminal way, so I changed my major to public relations and advertising and the rest is history. 

What makes going to Point Park for your major different from any other university? 

It’s perfect because there are so many advertising agencies in the Golden Triangle alone, which gives students the opportunity to apply what they’re learning in their classes to what they want as a career. I can say from a personal experience that I have taken advantage of this opportunity. I’ve worked with many different companies during my time at Point Park, and I wouldn’t have had the chance to get as much experience if I wasn’t so close to these companies. 

What activities are you involved with at Point Park (both on campus and off)? 

I have an internship at NFM Group, I am the president of the Advertising Federation on campus, and I am a contributing editor for The Odyssey.

Who is your favorite professor and why? 

Bob O’Gara is my favorite professor! I love that he allows students to create assignments that relate to what they want to do when they graduate. He’s so optimistic and is really encouraging. He believes every student can achieve so much as long as they put in the work for it. 

What changes have you noticed in yourself since moving to Pittsburgh?

When I was in high school, I was nervous and shy and never felt comfortable putting myself out there to new people. As I got more involved at Point Park and became friends with the people I’m friends with now, I have noticed that I am much more outgoing and ambitious than I used to be. I love working and getting involved, and I am always looking for new opportunities to get involved. Basically I’ve become a workaholic that never shuts up, and I love it. 

Pittsburgh has some amazing food. What is your favorite dish to get in the 'Burgh? 

Hot dogs from the Franktuary! They’re opening a new location in Market Square and I am so ready to have gourmet hot dogs again. 

What's the most important thing that you learned during your freshman year? 

Put yourself out there! Join clubs if you’re interested in the subject, not just because your friends are in them. Talk to new people even if it scares you, and always invite people to sit with you at meals (even if you don’t know them well)! Basically, put yourself out there in as many ways as you can to meet new people, because there are so many great people here and everyone is just as nervous as you are. 

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Text and photo by Jakob Como, senior multimedia major

More About: public relations and advertising, AdFed/PRSSA, internships