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Two students who began graduate studies at Point Park fall 2014 share a conversation at a reception welcome the new master's and Ed.D. students in Lawrence Hall. | Photo by StartPoint Media

Point Park has welcomed 231 new graduate students to campus this fall as they begin their studies in one of the University's 17 master's degree programs or the new doctoral program.

At a recent reception in Lawrence Hall, the new master's and Ed.D students had an opportunity to learn more about the benefits -- and challenges -- of graduate school.

"Graduate education and graduate study require a lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of commitment," said Professor Kim Bell, chair of the Department of Humanities and Human Sciences. "But what I can tell you is all that time, energy, work and commitment is absolutely worth it."

This fall's group of incoming graduate students includes those enrolled in two new programs -- 38 in the Ed.D. in leadership and administration and 16 in the M.F.A. writing for the stage and the screen.

The group includes 16 international students from eight countries: Lebanon, India, Saudi Arabia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Venezuela and Brazil.

Helen Sobehart, D.A., Point Park's executive director of graduate education, encouraged the students to make the most of their time at Point Park.

"Thank you for joining us in this journey of education at the graduate level," she said. "You've chosen a place for higher education that prides itself on creating a strong intersection among scholarship, practice and community, and being able to combine all of those."

LaChan Russell Cudak is one of Point Park's new graduate students, starting her M.A. in clinical-community psychology after completing her B.A. in psychology here last spring. Her goal is to operate a nonprofit agency assisting disenfranchised women.

"I had a great time as an undergraduate," she said. "I thought I could do more with what I want to do with my future by coming back and getting the master's."

Dominic Grenaldo started the new Ed.D. in leadership and administration program this fall and selected the professional leadership track. "So far, pretty good," he said.

"You can't beat the city campus -- you're Downtown," he explained. "It's a good, unique program and that's what you're looking for."


Graduate Student Welcome Reception