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Since 1967, Point Park has had an active organization focused on supporting its Black students. Initially called SOUL (Student Organization for the Understanding of Life), in 1979, the organization formed as BASICS (Black Active Student Intercollegiate Struggle). Today, it's known as Black Student Union, or BSU. 

Led by President Kayla Brown, a junior Psychology major, the organization's vision is to create a safe and welcoming environment to provide resources and connect Point Park's BIPOC (Black, indigenous and people of color) community. Their meetings and events can be found on the BSU PointSync page

Learn more about the organization in the Q&A with Keysha Robinson, membership coordinator, and watch the TikTok video to get a glimpse of a recent event. 

Keysha Robinson '25, membership coordinator

Major: Criminal Justice with Psychology minor

Why is the Black Student Union an important organization to have on campus?

The Black Student Union is an important organization to have on campus because we provide resources and a safe space, not only for the BIPOC students  but for all within the Point Park community. The Black Student Union is here to serve as a voice to represent the BIPOC community at Point Park University. 

What kind of activities does the BSU plan?

The Black Student Union does a combination of social events, community events and educational events geared towards the needs of the Black students at Point Park. 

@pointparku You may know that Point Park has a Black Student Union (BSU), but did you know that this organization has been a part of campus culture since 1967? #PointParkU #PointParkUniversity #BlackStudentUnion #BlackHistoryMonth #StudentOrgSpotlight ♬ original sound - Point Park Univ.

Where is your office located and how can students use it?

The BSU’S office is located on the second floor in the Student Center. Our office provides resources for students including hygiene care for both males and females (deodorant, pads, etc), a venue to voice any concerns/issues here at Point Park, snacks and a space to come hang out or do homework, etc.

How have you personally benefitted from participating in BSU?

Becoming a part of the Black Student Union taught me professional skills, communication skills and meeting deadlines. 

Why should students join the BSU?

In joining the Black Student Union, students will have access to resources, knowledge, connections and opportunities here at Point Park, as well as honor and support the Black student culture. 

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