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The Globe, Point Park University’s award-winning student-run newspaper, has been a staple of the school since 1967. Debuting as a one-page, double-sided broadsheet with features, columns and opinions, The Globe began the tradition it continues today — sharing the viewpoints of Point Park students and the news that matters to them. Today, The Globe is printed weekly during the fall and spring semesters and continues select stories on the website for longer, more in-depth coverage.

In this Q&A, Erin Yudt, editor-in-chief, senior digital journalism major and psychology minor, and Cassandra Harris, editor-elect, sophomore digital journalism major, describe the impact the newspaper has had on them personally and describe how any student — regardless of major or experience — is welcome to join The Globe. Take a sneak peek at the staff working together on TikTok.

L: Erin Yudt, editor-in-chief; R: Cassandra Harris, editor-elect


Why is it important for universities to have student-run newspapers like The Globe?

Erin: It is essential for universities to have student-run newspapers and media because without it, there would be no accountability and transparency on all ends. Students, staff and faculty all need to know what is happening on campus, so they can make the best educated decisions for themselves and their careers.

Cassandra: Just like national media keeps the government in check, The Globe is here to keep the administration in check. This paper has created positive change for students and faculty by reporting on issues within the school.

How have you benefited from your participation in The Globe?

Erin: I simply do not know where I would be without The Globe. Gaining real-world experience reporting on news, features, and opinions and managing the newspaper gave me the portfolio to earn internships at The Sharon Herald, Trib Total Media, PublicSource and 90.5 WESA. The Globe has helped put me on a path to being career-ready, making connections that will hopefully lead to full-time employment post-graduation.

Cassandra: I’m only a sophomore and my portfolio is already really massive. Not only that, but I’m always up-to-date with news in the Point Park community before most students and sometimes faculty. My involvement with The Globe has given me an opportunity to be more involved on campus and make friends. I commute, so working independently throughout the week is really simple and flexible with my schedule, too. I also get to interview a variety of people throughout the week for my articles.

How does being downtown impact the content of The Globe

Erin: Being in such a diverse and populated area, there is so much more opportunity for interesting and important coverage. The urban environment of Point Park allows us to report on heavy topics such as crime, public safety and the housing crisis in Pittsburgh, giving us not only real-world experience but educating students on what is happening around them. 

Cassandra: Point Park constantly says that the city is your campus and it’s true. Most city news is relevant and transferable to our newspaper.

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Do you have to be a digital journalism major to join The Globe?

Erin: No. We take students from all majors, even graduate students. We can teach you how to write a news, features and/or arts and entertainment piece if you're interested in writing.

Cassandra: One of our feature editors right now is in screenwriting. We aren’t just looking for writers. We need a website manager, another social media manager, a graphic designer, a business manager, photographers, proofreaders, paper deliverers and more.

Why should someone consider joining The Globe?

Erin: You should consider joining The Globe because of our direct impact on the Point Park community. Our reporting on the Federal Work Study program last spring directly helped continue the program through the remainder of the semester. I made all my best friends in college through The Globe. We're also award-winning and have won best staff for smaller schools in our region the past two years at the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Awards.

Cassandra: Not only do we have snacks, but I’ve learned so much through trial and error at The Globe. This is a safe place to learn before moving into the field. The community of people who I work with are so kind and helpful, everyone in the office just wants to see their peers succeed.

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