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The Campus Activities Board at Point Park University hosted a charity ball at the Warhol Museum on January 27th. Point Park students danced the night away knowing their money was going to a good cause: The Western PA Humane Society. The event raised $1,500, which was delivered to the Humane Society by members of the Campus Activities Board on February 25th.

"We had no [money] goal set because we haven't had a huge turn out in past years so we were just hoping for over a 100 guests in attendance," said Zoe Sadler, marketing coordinator for Campus Activities Board.

Sadler deemed the event a success with a total of 150 students attending the first ever off campus charity ball. Previous charity balls had been held in Point Park's ballroom. This year the Campus Activities Board took a risk and hosted the event at the Warhol Museum on the North Shore. Sadler said the student body responded with enthusiasm to the new location.

"[The ball was] more successful than any of the previous charity balls...the fact that we did it with the Humane Society just made the students more happy to help," said Sadler.

As a special treat members of the Campus Activities Board received a behind-the-scenes tour of the Western PA Humane Society's shelter before delivering the donation check.

"They [WPHS] were so easy to work with. They are a very sweet place and very generous to open their doors to us to show us what they do and where our money is going. It was a very positive experience," said Sadler.

Written by: Elizabeth Bey, senior, print journalism