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Tim Hudson, dean of the Point Park University School of Communication, addressed the Joint Regional Conference of the Broadcast Education Association in Cincinnati, Saturday, October 17th.

In his presentation, titled "Not Necessarily the News," Dr. Hudson discussed ways to instill and preserve traditional principles such as accuracy, investigation, and objectivity in multimedia journalism classes, especially in context of the current online and cable news atmosphere. Other speakers at the conference addressed a wide variety of changes in the media industries, often focusing on the uncertainties surrounding future business models.

According to Hudson, newspaper, television, advertising, and web media executives spoke of "optimism, apprehension, excitement, dread, hyper-localism, and confusion." Despite industry perplexity, Hudson was encouraged to note that based on the various assessments and predictions, Point Park University's School of Communication seems to be moving in the right direction, updating it's highly regarded programs in Journalism, Broadcasting, Public Relations and Advertising with more opportunities to learn digital media production and interactive media techniques.

"Our new major in Digital Media is a future-oriented degree program that also helps us infuse Point Park's traditional majors with innovative classes and ideas."

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