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Tatyana Dumova, associate professor in Point Park University's School of Communication, has joined a group of assessment experts in the field of communication to develop a comprehensive guide for measuring discipline-specific outcomes of student learning. Dumova is the lead author of a chapter on online assessment resources in A Communication Assessment Primer recently published by the National Communication Association, Washington, DC.

Dumova's chapter outlines successful strategies for locating high-quality resources and reviews the state of assessment information on websites developed by educational institutions, government, private services, and nonprofit organizations. The book is designed to assist communication departments around the country in developing effective and successful assessment programs.

A major national professional association in the field of communication, NCA promotes the study, research, teaching and application of the scientific principles of communication. For more information about the book, visit:

Dumova, T., & Rosenthal, A. (2010). Assessment Resources on the Web. In P. Backlund and G. Wakefield (Eds.), A Communication Assessment Primer: A Guide to Developing Successful Educational Assessment Programs (pp. 165-177). Washington, DC: National Communication Association.