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Assistant professor of journalism, Steven Hallock, Ph.D., is slated to present his paper, "Cracking the Glass Ceiling: A Content Analysis of the Hillary Clinton Primary Campaign for President" at the 68th Annual Midwest Political Science Association Conference. Hallock co-authored the paper with Point Park master's in journalism graduate, Nabil Shaheen.

Hallock and Shaheen analyzed major newspaper coverage of 10 events during the 2008 historic Democratic primary presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. They found that reporters and columnists frequently used sexist language in their coverage and commentary. But the overall reportage of Clinton's campaign did not frame her race in sexist terms. Additionally, her spousal connection to former President Bill Clinton did not lead newspapers to treat the presidential candidate differently in their coverage.

The Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) is an international organization with a membership of more than 4,300 political science professors and students and public administrators representing more than 40 countries. The MPSA Conference will be held April 22 through April 25.