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Joining forces to point out the dangers of America's consumerism waste, Point Park University's social change club POOF presents "Stuff" March 4th and 5th at Future Tenant.

Led by POOF President and founder, Riva Strauss, 20 Point Park students and two Point Park Alum have created artistic instillations that will focus on the magnitude of waste generated in the United States. There are 31 people total working together to create the event.

The goal of the exhibit is to "to create social change through art," Strauss said.

Inspired by "The Story of Stuff Project" found online at, many performing and technical artists have come together to create instillations. The instillations range from art created with trash, to multimedia productions featuring photography, music, dance, and video projections.

"The goal is to inspire people to think about their stuff differently. The purpose of Stuff is to influence people to be smarter consumers and have more respect for the planet," said Strauss.

"Stuff" will be presented March 4th and 5th at 7 & 9pm. Performances are at Future Tenant - 819 Penn Avenue. POOF requests a $5 donation at the door.

Riva Strauss is president and leading force in POOF's social change movements. Point Park faculty member Pearlann Porter serves as POOF advisor. The club's mission is social change.