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Professionals and employees throughout Western Pennsylvania will have the opportunity to build their skills for success through a variety of learning opportunities presented by the newly established Center for Management Excellence (CME) at Point Park University.

CME opens its doors to the business community in January 2012, offering diverse workplace educational opportunities ranging from workshops, webinars, coaching, skill assessments and training that can be custom designed to meet the needs of a particular business or individual. The CME will offer certificate programs that may provide a foundation for obtaining credit toward a degree.

"The CME will serve employees at all stages of their career development - from entry level to executive," said Rex P. Gatto, Ph.D., executive director of the new Center. According to Gatto, "the ability to customize educational training specific to a participant's career goals is what differentiates the CME's approach from others in the region."

Senior vice president for academic and student affairs and dean of faculty Karen McIntyre, Ph.D, believes the Center's location in Downtown Pittsburgh "allows the University to offer programming that is not only convenient and accessible to downtown office workers and employees but also draws on resources and opportunities of a vibrant downtown business community."

Prior to joining Point Park University, CME executive director Rex Gatto was the founder and president of Gatto Associates, LLC, a consulting firm offering training programs to businesses, individual assessments, counseling and organizational analysis. As a consultant and lecturer, Gatto has worked with business people throughout the United States and Canada. Also appointed to the Center is Jeff Cermak who will serve as manager of operations. In addition to workplace education opportunities and training, the CME also plans to sponsor a speaker series and will leverage YouTube and social media channels to reach out to area employees and employers.