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Four faculty members of the School of Communication at Point Park University, participated in the Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication 2010 annual conference, held Aug. 4-7 in Denver, Co.

Steve Hallock, Ph.D., assistant professor, presented the refereed research paper, "The G-20 Summit: An Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of Nine Days That the World Came to Pittsburgh," in the Newspaper Division.

Anthony Moretti, Ph.D., assistant professor, presented the refereed research paper, "Edgar Snow: How His Early Years in China Illustrate the Importance (and Potential Limitations) of Objectivity," in the Media Ethics Division. He also was a panelist in a Radio-Television Journalism Division in a session titled, "Sex, Crimes, and Video: What Should Our Students Learn about Sensational Trial Coverage?" Other panelists were: Profs. Carlton Rhodes and Jeanne Rollberg, both at University of Arkansas at Little Rock; and Profs. Scott Elliott and William Davie, both at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Dane S. Claussen, Ph.D., professor/director of graduate programs and faculty development, participated in a plenary panel called, "First Amendment Rights in Crisis?" as the designated Respondent to another panelist, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter. Other panelists were: Lynn Kimbrough, communications director, Denver District Attorney's Office; John Montgomery, news operations manager, KCNC-TV, Denver; Dr. Kyu Ho Youm, Jonathan Marshall First Amendment Chair, University of Oregon; and Prof. Sandra Chance, Executive Director, Brechner Center for Freedom of Information, University of Florida.

Dr. Claussen also was a panelist in, and moderator of, for the session, "Sex, Media and Religion," co-sponsored by the Religion and Media Interest Group and the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Interest Group. He talked about researching, writing, and effects of, his 2002 book, Sex, Religion, Media (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield). Other panelists were Dr. Tien-Tsung Lee, University of Kansas; Prof. Cecile Holmes, University of South Carolina; Dr. Gary Hicks, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville; and Dr. Jason M. Shepard, California State University-Fullerton.

Dr. Claussen was Discussant for the top two refereed faculty research papers and the top two refereed student research papers in the Media Management & Economics Division, for which he served as Research Chair during 2009-10. During 2010-11, Dr. Claussen will serve as Vice-Head/Program Chair of the Media Management & Economics Division, and during 2011-12, he will be the Division's Head.

Dr. Claussen also was Chair of the "Teaching and Researching Abroad for the Global Scholar" section of the "Doctors Are In Roundtable Session," sponsored by AEJMC's Elected Standing Committee on Teaching, of which Dr. Claussen is a member.

Dr. Moretti also was a Discussant for seven refereed research papers in the Radio-Television Journalism Division, four of them in a session called, "New Technologies and Definitions in News," and three of them in a "Scholar-to-Scholar" session. Dr. Tim Hudson, Dean and Professor in the School of Communication, was Moderator for the "New Technologies and Definitions in News" paper session.

Dr. Claussen, who is Editor of the international, refereed, quarterly Journalism & Mass Communication Educator for AEJMC, also presented his Annual Report as Editor to AEJMC's Publications Committee, and participated in the annual meeting of the Elected Standing Committee on Teaching.