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Below are answers to a few of the questions we most frequently receive about the Student Health Center and its services.

If your question isn't answered below, contact the Student Health Center at 412-392-3800.

Yes, it is Pennsylvania state law. Read more about the meningitis vaccination requirement.
No, the requirement has been suspended because of the nationwide shortage of the serum that is used for tuberculosis testing.
A doctor can sign Page 2 or you can provide a copy of the immunizations you've received from your doctor.
Two MMRs (measles, mumps and rubella) & up-to-date meningitis (if living on campus).
No, all we need is a copy of your DD-214.
Monday - Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm. Visit the Student Health Center page for more details. 
203 Thayer Hall

Phone: 412-392-3800 

Fax: 412-392-3801

The nurse administers first aid, triages students for doctor appointments, dispenses initial over-the-counter medication, provides support, teaches students how to effectively manage their health and their health care coverage, and supplies referrals for other health care providers.
Yes, we have four doctor appointments available every weekday at the nearby University of Pittsburgh Medical Center facility located at 339 Sixth Ave., within walking distance of the University. These appointments must be made through our nurse.
The Downtown UPMC office is located at 339 Sixth Ave., a few blocks from the University and within walking distance.
No, the doctor appointment is free, but any additional tests, X-rays or prescriptions must be paid for by the student or his/her insurance.

The University Nurse does not give injections of any kind.  Students are encouraged to make their own arrangements to receive their regular injections while on campus.

 The Student Health Center will assist in this process as needed. 

In order for a parent or caregiver to receive health information about a student, the student must sign a release for information to be released to a parent. The student can come into the Student Health Center and fill out the appropriate form for release of information to the parent.