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Meet Emily Bennett

December 2018
Jakes Run, W.Va.
High School
Clay-Battelle High School

”Being a journalism major meant being thrown directly into the world of writing, editing and photography as soon as I started college.”

Emily Bennett

Why did you choose Point Park University?

As a freshman in high school, I met someone on an airplane in Chicago who went on to attend Point Park for film. We became friends and I found out about the University through him. I am from a very small, rural town in Appalachia and really welcomed the opportunity to live in a big city that wasn’t too far away from home. Plus, Point Park’s School of Communication completely rules.  

What opportunities have you had through your major?

Being a journalism major meant being thrown directly into the world of writing, editing and photography as soon as I started college. Because of my involvement in my major, I met peers and professionals who influenced me to join the Body Christian Fellowship and become a Resident Educator. Getting involved has also led me to internships with and the Pittsburgh City Paper.

Who is your favorite professor and why?

My top three favorite professors are (in no particular order) Matt PascalBob Ross and Robert McInerney. Matt Pascal helped me pass math (no small feat), and let me use his microwave as I pleased. Bob Ross challenged my every belief of the world and the condition of the human heart and showed me amazing documentaries. Robert McInerney is changing the world every day he’s alive.

You're the new editor-in-chief of The Globe. How is this position preparing you for your future?

It would be incredible to work as (or under) a publisher someday. I go to sleep thinking about grammar and wake up thinking about AP style. I am able to flex these muscles at The Globe and as exercise my proactive leadership style. More than any other on-campus experience, The Globe has given me a taste of the multi-faceted media world.

Where is the best place to take pictures of the city?

When I lived on campus, I often walked to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center to sit by the river and take photos. I like how the sun looks from there when it sets. I’m also a huge sucker for all things Lawrenceville, another visually lovely place very close to campus.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

Forget your comfort zone and do something every single day that scares you. Squeeze in as much as you humanly can while your classes are still 100 and 200 levels. Stay up late and eat all the pizza.

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 Text and photo by Sydney Patton, junior sports, arts and entertainment management major