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Meet Megan Bixler

May 2018
Transfer Trustee
Wiconisco, Pa.
High School
Williams Valley High School

"I couldn’t be happier here. I love everything about Pittsburgh and was immediately blown away by its beauty the first time I visited."

Megan Bixler

Why did you choose Point Park University?

Point Park was the only school I found that offered photojournalism as a major. I was also looking to be somewhere new with a change of scenery (I moved from the rural countryside to the big city), and I couldn’t be happier here. I love everything about Pittsburgh and was immediately blown away by its beauty the first time I visited. 

How are you involved on campus?

I am involved with the Point Park chapter of the National Press Photographer’s Association. In addition, I recently went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with the environmental journalism program. We’ll be traveling again in 2018 to Montana to do clean-up work. I also occasionally write and take pictures for The Globe. 

Tell us about your recent trip to the Dominican Republic.

We teamed up with a water filtration company called Wine to Water which specializes in ceramic water filters and distributes them to those in need of clean water. While in the Dominican Republic, we not only got to make filters, but we became part of the family that hosted us there. We visited the nearby villages where people were using the filters or about to use them. It was amazing to see the progress that was made as people began to experience better health through a simple ceramic filter. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, and I’m eternally grateful to have been given the opportunity! I’d go back in a heartbeat and even consider working with Wine to Water in the future.

What is your favorite restaurant in the city?

It’s a tie between Winghart’s and Stuff’d. I love Winghart’s because not only is the food delicious, but nothing is ever frozen or microwaved – it’s all made fresh! Stuff’d has great pierogis, but with a twist. You’ll find them literally stuffed with anything from mac and cheese to buffalo chicken dip! 

Where can we find you hanging out on campus?

Honestly, I’m all over the place. But when it’s nice and I have a minute to relax, I like to go to Village Park the most. I’ll even do my work there sometimes. 

What advice do you have for incoming students?

Get involved! Point Park has so many connections with places around the city as well as clubs and organizations on campus. Getting involved is a great way to connect with people of similar interests/majors and will certainly help you in your career.

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 Text and photo by Sydney Patton, junior sports, arts and entertainment management major