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Meet Princess Winder

Theatre Production (stage management)
May 2020
Overlea, Md.
High School
Western High School
Dream Job
Working as a touring stage manager 

”Ultimately, what I liked most about Point Park was the people and the diversity that it had compared to other universities. I also loved seeing the types of jobs that alumni have, so I knew that I could trust the professors to prepare me to succeed in my career."

Princess Winder

Why did you choose Point Park University?

I chose Point Park because I wanted to live in a city where there were a lot of people and rich culture. Ultimately, what I liked most about Point Park was the people and diversity that it had compared to other universities. I also loved seeing the types of jobs that alumni have, so I knew that I could trust the professors to prepare me to succeed in my career.

Describe what you do as a stage manager for a show.

Stage managers are in charge of making the production run as smooth as possible. Some of our duties include running rehearsals, preparing and managing props and costumes, and handling the technical aspects of a show. We work closely with the directors and choreographers which is always fun. During the actual show we run the cues, handle props, help deck crew, and basically do anything else that needs done. Our responsibilities do vary depending on the type of show we stage manage and what type of theater it is.

How are you involved on and off campus?

I am involved in the All Things Horror Club and I recently volunteered as a stage manager for Pinnacle Productions. A lot of my time is spent working as a fellow for NextGen America, an organization that encourages youth to get involved in politics and social issues, and to vote! I also work in the Pittsburgh Playhouse prop shop creating props for all of the shows, which is amazing! When I’m not working or spending time with friends, I’m usually at some type of social justice event. Whether it’s a rally or protest, you can always find me around the city fighting for positive change in a positive way.

How has commuting been different than living on campus for you?

Commuting is different in the sense that I can’t bother my friends late at night or be as spontaneous (because it takes a bit more time now). I made so many amazing friends my freshman year, so I never feel left out even though I’m not a building away anymore, which is pretty awesome. Other than that I get to be a bit more independent, but still be engaged and involved in school activities. Overall, living in Oakland is an inexpensive and adventurous experience.

Where is the best view of the city?

My number one view would have to be when you drive into the city from the Fort Pitt tunnel! It’s just such a beautiful, captivating site to see, especially at night. Whenever I’m feeling down or stressed, I drive that path and it always makes me feel better.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

I would tell incoming students to explore themselves. Try new things, go to every event and talk to strangers. You can have an amazing experience in college if you make the effort. Another thing I would say is to support your classmates and your community. Point Park is a small school which is nice because you have the opportunity to get to know pretty much everyone. Going to events and supporting each other's craft is a great way to make connections and network. You will always find someone who is great at something that you want to learn more about, and that’s definitely one of the best things about college.

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Text and photo by Sydney Patton, junior sports, arts, and entertainment management major