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Who We Are:

We, the Student Government Association of Point Park University, are created from the ranks of the Student Body of Point Park University to serve as a voice for the students and a communicator with the administration.

We are formed of two entities: The Executive Cabinet and the singular Legislative Body. The Executive Cabinet consists of six members with the President and Vice President being elected by the student body, and the Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Communications Director, and Parliamentarian each being appointed by the SGA President. This Cabinet oversees daily operations, and faithfully executes the terms of the Constitution and By-Laws. The Legislative Body is comprised of students elected to serve by their respective schools/constituencies whose duties are outlined in the Construction and By-Laws.

Each member of the Executive Cabinet, other than the President and Vice President, also chair their own committee made up of members of the Legislative Body.

The Parliamentarian runs the Rules Committee, who recommend the approval of new clubs at Legislative Body meetings after meeting with the club’s leaders and revise SGA’s own Constitution.

The Treasurer runs the Finance Committee, who allocate funds for use by clubs as well as SGA’s internal budget.

The Recording Secretary runs the Student Concerns Committee, who collect individual student’s concerns and addresses them with the administration of Point Park University.

The Communications Director runs the Communications Committee, who keep in contact with the student body through social media and other methods to ensure that students are kept up to date on SGA matters and events.

Together, we act as an organizational resource for students and clubs by ensuring our rights and privileges within the academic community.

Where to Find Us:

Student Government Association office: Student Center 717

Legislative Body Meetings: Check the weekly Social Scoop e-mail to learn that week’s location. Meetings are held every Monday at 3:15 p.m.

Each member of the Student Government Association serves specified times they dedicate to working on SGA related matters. The list of hours when representatives are available and where you can find or contact them are listed outside of SGA’s physical office in the Student Center.

How to Contact Us:


Social Media:
Twitter: @sga_ppu
Instagram: @sga_ppu
Facebook: @ppusga
Tik Tok: @sgappu

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Student Government Association, SGA, is the governing body of Point Park. Senators are elected by students to represent each of the five schools within our university; new senators are elected toward the end of the spring semester as well as an election for Freshmen during the beginning of the fall semester. SGA’s main responsibilities are club funding, student concerns, and representing the voice of the students.

SGA is the student-run governing body. SAIL is the Student Activities Involvement and Leadership handling registering clubs, purchasing club items, and planning club events. CAB is the Campus Activities Board which is the official programming organization of SAIL to provide students with activities on and off campus.

Email us at or message us on our socials (@SGA_PPU on Instagram and Twitter and Student Government Association of Point Park University on Facebook). We also host forums and town hall meetings throughout each semester. Students may also attend the Legislative Body meetings to personally speak to SGA.

The SGA office is on the 7th floor of the Student Center to the left when you exit the elevators in room 717. It is just past the bathrooms.

SGA meets each Monday at 3:15 p.m. These are the Legislative Body meetings, and all students are allowed and encouraged to attend. The location of these meetings tend to change between multiple venues due to scheduling conflicts with other events, so make sure to check SGA’s social media or the Social Scoop e-mails sent to your Point Park University e-mail address for location information.

SGA hold elections for Freshmen at the beginning of the fall semester and elections for all students near the end of the spring semester. Students will be e-mailed before each election with details on how to run for an SGA position. If there are openings in SGA, the SGA President is able to appoint members of the student body to these positions. Please contact the SGA President if you are interested in joining before the next election!

Frequently Recieved Student Concerns:

This issue has been a top concern for years and is still being looked into for further answers and solutions. SGA is working with the administration and with Port Authority to find an appropriate solution that works best for our campus.

There are no plans to make renovations to the pool. The equipment necessary to use the pool has long since been sold or recycled and replacing these parts would be extremely expensive. When the area is renovated once again, it will be done with other uses for students in mind rather than restoration of the pool.

SGA is in constant communication with CulinArt regarding concerns in the Dining Hall and Cafe. Email or reach out to a member of SGA if you have any suggestions or feel as if your CulinArt concerns are not being addressed.

The amount you pay in tuition is based off of personalized financial aid packages. Tuition increases each year due to increase of necessary costs including, but not limited to: building maintenance, water, electricity, etc.

Lawrence Hall was built in 1928 and to add a cooling system to the building would put the building in structural danger. For the same reason, air conditioning units cannot be placed in each room as the electrical system cannot handle the amount of electricity required to power each unit.