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Community Service Club

Club Members Helping the Community

The purpose of this organization shall be to serve the community within and outside of the University in any way possible without any religious affiliation as well as be an outlet to any student who wishes to share a passion for service to others or personal organization that they may be affiliated with. The Community Service Club was started in Spring of 2010. Since then we have helped numerous organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Jubilee Soup Kitchen, Cancer Society, and other smaller non-profits. Last year we had many fundraisers and a Variety Show, which was a big success. This year look forward to fundraisers that include tournaments, speakers, dance nights, and numerous tables around campus. Our main goal this year is to pair up with clubs for all of our events. Even if you are not part of the club feel free to join us on any of our events. We are looking forward to a good year!