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Entrepreneurship Minor


At Point Park, entrepreneurship is offered as both a minor and area of concentration for business management majors. A minor or concentration in entrepreneurship gives a student who wishes to pursue his or her own business or work for a smaller entrepreneurial venture the opportunity to gain some background and knowledge of the particularly unique issues related to these types of businesses. The minor in entrepreneurship also gives students in other disciplines who are interested in starting their own business or working for a smaller entrepreneurial venture the same opportunity to gain this type of background.

Point Park team introduces tech startup via business contest
Point Park team introduces tech startup via business
contest.  Read the feature story.

Entrepreneurship Course Descriptions

BMGT 332 Introduction to Entrepreneurship   
The course involves an introduction to the discipline of entrepreneurship and a study of the essential steps in starting and operating a smaller business.

BMGT 336 Entrepreneurial Regulation
A study of those legal and regulatory issues that entrepreneurs face in starting and operating a new small business.  The focus of the course will be on training entrepreneurs to recognize those legal issues in the new enterprise before they become significant legal problems.

BMGT 452 Global Aspects of Entrepreneurship 
A review of the issues and challenges facing entrepreneurs around the globe focusing not only on start-ups in the United States wanting to do business in other countries, but the continued development of entrepreneurship in other countries. Prerequisite BMGT 332.

BMGT 454 Advanced Entrepreneurial Applications  
An extension of the study of entrepreneurship by applying many of the basic principles of entrepreneurship in an advanced setting.  This would include a detailed analysis and preparation of a business plan for a new enterprise.  The course would also involve case studies showing how various enterprises have met and solved some of the unique challenges facing those types of businesses.  Prerequisite BMGT 332.