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All students are issued a Point Park email account. Email accounts for new students will be available the day after they register. You will receive information on your email account by mail from Point Park's Office of Information Technology Services.  If you have not received an email account by the time your classes are scheduled to begin, please contact the Help Desk at 412- 392-3494. 

Your user name will be the first letter of your first name, your middle initial and the first five letters of your last name (Example-Student: Jane A Johnson, email address: jajohns@pointpark.edu).  The student password is the last four numbers of the Social Security number + the initial of the first name + the initial of the last name + the middle two numbers of the Social Security number and an exclamation point. (Example-Student Name: John Doe, Social Security number: 123-45-6789, Password: 6789jd45!). The user name and password are the same when using the student technology Labs, email and Blackboard systems. Click here for more information on student technology.

PointWeb is the website where students pay tuition online, access course schedules, register for classes, view unofficial transcripts, and access grades. Your user name for this system will be your student number which can be found on your acceptance letter and schedule. Click "Give Me My Password" to get a password e-mailed to you. Learn more aboutPointWeb.

Blackboard is an online resource where students access course information and assignments, as well as communicate with faculty members and other students. Learn more about Blackboard.