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Pictured are Point Park undergraduate students in Market Square, Downtown Pittsburgh.

In an effort to increase awareness of and interest in accounting and finance careers among minority youth, longtime Point Park benefactors, the late Kathleen and George White, gave Point Park University's School of Business a $1 million dollar gift to launch the Urban Accounting Initiative.

The Urban Accounting Initiative is led by Edward Scott, C.P.A., M.B.A., George Rowland White Endowed Professor of Accounting and Finance.

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For more information about the Urban Accounting Initiative and related programs, contact Edward Scott, C.P.A., M.B.A., at 412-392-3972 or

Video: Be Inspired to Make an Impact

The Urban Accounting Initiative focuses on accounting as a career path, and also encourages students to think about their future, set a goal of earning a college degree, and give back to improve their communities.

The following video, created by the tech company Grasshopper, depicts the idea that one person really can make a difference by taking the initiative, as entrepreneurs do, to make the world a better place.