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November's Professional Development Session

Academic Integrity: Definitions, Policies, & Practices

Wednesday, November 8th: 2:45-4 in AH 307

Thursday, November 9th: 6-7:15 via Zoom

This session is an open invitation for faculty and staff who wish to participate in open discussion of Point Park's current policy and contribute to its revision. We'll look at alternative models, discuss the challenges of enforcement, and consider approaches that center learning and long-term success. It's a great chance to make sure your policy for next semester is clear, enforceable, and aligned to the university's values, too!


November's Podchat

Please join the CIE and your colleagues from across campus for November's Podchat, Gratitude & Virtue (Signaling).

Check out the playlist below, attend our Zoom session on 11/3/2023 from 10AM-11PM to discuss what you've heard, and then help us expand the conversation throughout the month via our Canvas discussion boards. You're welcome to dip in and out as your time allows and dive in anywhere you can. 


Reply All: "The Least You Could Do" [45 minutes]
Gastropod: "What is Native American Cuisine" [42 minutes]
Untying Knots: "Beyond Land Acknowledgement" [The first 17-minute segment]

Zoom Link
Canvas Link

Welcome to the Center for Inclusive Excellence at Point Park University. When the CIE says “welcome,” we don’t just mean “Hey, we’re glad you’re here.” We are glad you’re here, but more than that, those of us in the CIE think it’s our job to ensure that every person in our campus community feels seen, heard, and valued. We strive to foster mindsets that fuel your curiosity and creativity and we build our work around the central belief that a lifetime spent learning is a lifetime well spent.  

We are a space you can visit when you need someone to help you figure out where to go next; we’re a space where you can bring ideas for new programs and guest speakers; we’re a space where Point Park can voice its values, advocate for the needs of our many communities on campus, and further our shared goal of being a learning-centered space. Among the various campus projects we support are:  

  • Student-driven projects such as the Honors Program 
  • The Teaching and Learning Lab for faculty 
  • University and Student Learning Assessment 
  • Access in Action, in collaboration with the Office of Accessibility Services  
  • Sensory-friendly reset rooms 
  • One-credit courses in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Bystander Awareness, and Inclusive Sexual Health and Relationships 
  • SafeZone  

Welcome to Point Park!  

Mission Statement

The Center for Inclusive Excellence aims to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment at Point Park University. We support Point Park faculty, staff, and students through independent and interdepartmental initiatives, student learning assessment, and an equitable approach to pedagogy, co-curricular events, and teaching excellence. 


  1. Construct assessment plans with deans and academic leaders by analyzing student learning assessment data, program review, and Middle States accreditation.
  2. Support innovation and teaching excellence at Point Park through student learning assessment, inclusive and dynamic pedagogies, and educational co-curricular activities. 
  3. Coordinate professional development opportunities for faculty and staff with an emphasis on equitable and inclusive practices.
  4. Facilitate discussions and initiatives for new ideas in academic excellence, as well as provide resources and support for the Point Park community. 

Preferred Name Change

Any student who wants to be addressed by a name other than their legal one can fill out the Registrar's Preferred Name Form. To change your preferred name, you can do so year-round by:

The John Fallon Travel Fund provides academic-related travel scholarships for students enrolled in either the Point Park Honors Program or the School of Communication. Please click here to review and submit an application.



Please contact us at for assistance with any CIE services. To learn more about assessment at Point Park, please visit our Assessment of Student Learning page, or log on to Schoology to visit our Center for Inclusive Excellence or University Assessment pages.