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Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Lab at Point Park University! We exist to help faculty teach as well as they can to ensure that students can learn as well as they can.  We strive to foster mindsets that fuel your curiosity and creativity and we build our work around the central belief that a lifetime spent learning is a lifetime well spent.  Drop by LH 205 to ask us about our many campus-wide projects, including how we can support your success in the classroom through connections to the Center for Learning and Student Support, the Honors Program, and the University Advising Center. 

Mission Statement

At the Teaching and Learning Lab, we're committed to fostering learning environments that are fueled by the energy and challenge of dynamic, experiential learning. We achieve that by helping faculty to incorporate the best classroom approaches available across every discipline and by helping students identify what resources they need to get the most out of the time they spend at Point Park University. Our faculty and our students engage in social, emotional, psychological, and embodied work every time they enter a classroom, submit an assignment, or attend a campus event. By recognizing how these experiences situate teachers and learners as collaborators in a shared project, the TALL nurtures the intellectual and personal development of every member of our campus community.


  1. Collaborate with faculty to ensure curriculum is rigorous and aligned to Point Park's mission and values.
  2. Support innovation and teaching excellence at Point Park through experiential learning and dynamic pedagogies such as Project-Based Learning and High-Impact Practices. 
  3. Coordinate professional development opportunities for faculty and staff with an emphasis on equitable and inclusive practices.
  4. Facilitate discussions and initiatives for new ideas in academic excellence, as well as provide resources and support for the Point Park community. 
  5. Provide resources and oversight to the University's Center for Learning and Student Support. 
The John Fallon Travel Fund provided academic-related travel scholarships for students enrolled in either the Point Park Honors Program or the School of Communication. During its time, the JFTF supported students' travel to multiple locales and sponsored international study abroad, conference presentations, and other high-impact learning experiences.

Contact Us

Location: 205 Lawrence Hall

Hours: Please contact Dr. Sarah Perrier at for consultation by appointment. To learn more about assessment at Point Park, please visit our Assessment of Student Learning page, or log on to Canvas to visit our Center for Inclusive Excellence or University Assessment pages.