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Middle States Self-Study Report:

Point Park University’s Self-Study report summarizes the most important developments at the University since its last Self Study in 2010 and its PRR in 2014-2015. This Self-Study affirms the University meets all articles of affiliation and criteria for the seven Middle States standards. As importantly, the University has used the Self-Study process to evaluate what it does well and what it can improve.

Access Point Park University's 2021 Self-Study Report

Middle States Virtual Visit:

The Middle States virtual site visit is scheduled for March 21st-24th, 2021. Activities for the two full days of the virtual visit include interviews with the Middle States team of peer evaluators and specific groups and individuals throughout the University. There will be an opportunity for anyone interested in participating to attend the Open University Forum. If you have any questions, please contact the CIE at

Open University Forum: Faculty Monday, March 22nd 12:00- 12:50 PM

Open University Forum: Staff Tuesday, March 23rd 10:30-11:20 AM

Open University Forum: Students  Tuesday, March 23rd 10:30-11:20 AM

Committee Membership:

Point Park University is profoundly grateful to the administrators, faculty, staff, and students who made lasting contributions to the Self-Study and to Point Park’s future through their work on the Self-Study Committees and Working Groups.

Kristin Deluca— Director of Grants and Fellowships

Karen McIntyre— School of Education

Sydney Fulton— Institutional Research

JW Tabacchi— Office of Student Conduct

George Santucci— Office of Financial Aid

Angela Goodwin— Registrar’s Office

Jordan Nofziger— Human Resources

Justin Delecki— Procurement

Annie Shean—Online Learning

Mark Marnich—Dept. of Natural Sciences, Engineering, and Technology

Deb Bateman—Registrar’s Office

Ron Dufalla—School of Education

Tatyana Dumova—School of Communication

Sean Martin—Dept. of Criminal Justice & Intelligence Studies

Karen McIntyre—School of Education

Molly McClelland— Center for Student Success

Michael Gieseke—Office of Student Affairs

Sarah Guidi—Center for Student Success

Ashley Davis—Center for Student Success

Dayna Coleman—Office of Graduate Admission

Justin Wojtkowski—Admissions

Sean Martin— Dept. of Criminal Justice and Intelligence Studies

Kurt Kumler—Counseling Center

Jackie D’Amico—Enrollment Management Sandra Cronin—Financial Aid

Kevin Taylor—Athletics Chris Hill—Physical Plant

Tracey Brent-Chessum— Conservatory of Performing Arts

Archish Maharaja— Rowland School of Business

Mike Botta—Dept. of Criminal Justice

Darlene Marnich—School of Education

Karen McIntyre—School of Education

Brent Robbins—Dept. of Psychology

Channa Newman—Dept. of Humanities/ Social Science

Sarah Perrier—Dept. of Literary Arts

Gregg Johnson—Dept. of Natural Sciences, Engineering, and Technology

Steve Tanzilli—Rowland School of Business

Bob Derda—Rowland School of Business

Margie Gilfillan—Rowland School of Business

Patrick Mulvihill—Rowland School of Business

Thomas Baggerman—School of Communication

Cara Friez—Conservatory of Performing Arts

Garfield Lemonius— Conservatory of Performing Arts

Aaron Bollinger— Conservatory of Performing Arts

Heather Starr-Fiedler—Dept. of Community Engagement

Andy Conte— Center for Media Innovation

Nelson Chipman— Online Learning

Gregg Johnson— Dept. of Natural Sciences, Engineering, and Technology

Stephanie Adamczyk—Alumni Engagement and Giving

Heather Cook—Business Office

Kristin Deluca— Director of Grants and Fellowships

Jim Hardt—Business Office

Mariann Geyer—President’s Office

Chris Hill—Physical Plant

Natalie Rice—Human Resources

Peggy Vandenbord—Human Resources

Tim Wilson—IT

Keith Paylo— Vice President of Student Affairs

Linda Hippert— School of Education

Misty Abraham— Student Accounts

Heather Starr-Fiedler— Dept. of Community Engagement

Gregg Johnson—Dept. of Natural Sciences, Engineering, and Technology

Lisa White— IT

Darlene Marnich— School of Education

John Pearson—Provost

Teresa Gregory—Associate Professor, Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management

Christopher Choncek—Assistant VP of Institutional Research and Planning

Jonas Prida—Assistant Provost