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Get a jump start on college life! Register for Healthy on Campus, Safe on Campus, and Welcome on Campus. These one-credit classes are free to the first 75 high school students from Pennsylvania who register. You can earn college credit while you're still in high school and will help you to start college with a few extra tools in your personal wellness toolkit.  Classes run March 2 through April 26, 2024.


HUMA 194 OAON: Healthy on Campus 

This class is for anyone looking to start college with a healthy mindset when it comes to their relationships, boundaries, and wellness. In this class, you’ll have the opportunity to define what healthy relationships look like, get the hang of language you might not have learned in your high school health classes, and learn how to set and respect boundaries as part of building strong, healthy relationships. You'll also learn how you can respond when others don’t respect your boundaries by practicing how you can respond and generating a personal safety plan.   


HUMA 194 OBON: Safe on Campus 

Get ready to use your voice to bring an end to sexual assault and dating violence on campus. This course will focus on providing information about consent and bystander awareness training. Participants will examine consent as a key component of all healthy relationships and they will learn how to safely intervene in situations to reinforce the need to respect boundaries for themselves and as bystanders. The course will also introduce the services available both on campus and elsewhere in the community to support survivors of dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking. This course will empower students to be a part of a community making all campus spaces safer for everyone. 


HUMA 194 OCON: Welcome on Campus 

Starting college can mean meeting a wider array of people than you’ve ever encountered before. This class is for students who want to take a deeper dive into diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) before they get to campus. You'll have the chance to get comfortable using communication strategies and community-centered practices that empower you to be an effective ally and community member and let you remain respectful and inclusive, even when you disagree. You will also be able to complete a portion of Point Park University's required pre-semester orientation as part of the coursework.   


How do I sign up? Start by filling out our short enrollment form. We will contact you to help you finish signing-up for the course. 

Absolutely! This opportunity is co-sponsored by Point Park University and It's On Us, PA. The University planned and will teach the courses. It's On Us, PA provided the funding that will make it possible for up to 75 high school students to take the courses free of charge. 

Each class is worth one semester hour. Typically, a college class is 3-4 semester hours. If you eventually take all three classes, you could stack up the credits to equal one college-level course.

The class is being offered in the online format, so you can take it from anywhere. No commuting required. Students will want to make sure they're able to complete the full semester, beginning March 2 and ending April 26. 

You can take as many of the three classes as you want to but be mindful of your ability to commit to completing the coursework. Because the classes are online and will ask you to stay caught up to deadlines without the whole class meeting as a group, you may find it easier to take just one at a time. 

Contact Dr. Sarah Perrier ( and she'll let you know when and if we're able to open the opportunity up to a wider audience.

Contact Dr. Sarah Perrier ( and she'll look into adding sections that would accommodate on-campus students, too.