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The Point
Winter 2013

George (Corky) Bromall II, J.D., professor of business management and director of Community Engagement for the School of Business and its on-site corporate MBA program, who has been at Point Park for 40 years, loves it so much that he's usually the last one out of the West Penn Building with a "terrific view" of Point State Park he helped design.

Ironically, Bromall, who earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics and computer science at Point Park in 1970, never sought a teaching career.

Point Park's chairman of the Information Science Department asked Bromall to teach a class "for a year or so." He went to law school at Duquesne University at night (he earned his law degree in 1976) and taught at Point Park during the day.

As a Point Park student, he recalls clearly operating one of the elevators manually, working 12-hour shifts on the weekends.

Bromall was chairman of the School of Business, and served as associate dean for three years. He's made inroads to create a corporate MBA Program and set up corporate and offsite learning centers. He also spearheaded an accelerated business Saturday-only program in the greater Pittsburgh area to provide bachelor's degrees.

His first year of teaching, some of the students were at Point Park when he was a senior.

"One of my students (Don Kelly of the Detroit Tigers) was in the 2012 World Series. He's his own agent and negotiates his own contract," boasts Bromall, who is amazed at Point Park's growth.

"From complaining about not having enough chalk to working on the Internet, how could you not like that as professor?"

He tells his students to "find something they want to do and to be good at it."

Bromall says he wouldn't mind staying at Point Park another decade. "As long as I am healthy, I'm going to work."

Text by Melissa Williams Schofield
Photo by Martha Rial

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