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Registration is a process through which students are formally enrolled in their course(s) each semester of attendance.  A student registered for a given section of a given course may attend class, earn a grade and receive credit for their work. Registration is the responsibility of the student. However, there are people willing to help you to become familiar with the registration process.

Class Level Earned Credits* Day of Week Date
Online,Graduate Monday March 11
Veterans/Honors Monday March 11
Student Athletes Monday March 11
 Seniors 90+  Wednesday March 13
Juniors 60-89 Monday March 18
Sophomores 30-59 Wednesday March 20
Freshmen  0 - 29 Monday March 25
New Students 0 Wednesday March 27


**Registration for each class level begins on the date assigned above and continues until add/drop dates for each semester**

**Registration Portal opens at 8:30 a.m. on each respective date**

**Office of the University Registrar opens daily at 8:30 a.m.**



For students who enter Point Park as their first post-secondary experience, your assigned success coordinator in the Center for Student Success will help you to create a schedule that follows an 8-semester course sequence developed for your major.  You will be pre-registered for your first semester to help ease your transition to the University. 

After successfully completing your first semester, you are able to register online via PointWeb.  Your course sequence and degree requirements will be sent to you prior to registration outlining the courses you will need to select.  You should communicate with your success coordinator and faculty advisor prior to the start of registration should you have questions regarding your courses, your academic progress or your academic goals. 

Transfer Students

Students who transfer to Point Park from another institution are assisted by a success coordinator for their first semester registration.  It is also important that you connect with your faculty advisor as soon as possible to discuss your academic standing, your academic and professional aspirations, and your path to degree completion.  You will register with your faculty advisor after your first semester at the University.

Graduate Students

For their first semester, graduate students register with their enrollment advisor in the Graduate Admissions Office, either by appointment or online via PointWeb.  The only exceptions are students entering the Communication Technology, Media Communication, and Concurrent MA/MBA programs, who register directly with their program director.  After the first semester, continuing graduate students will register with their faculty advisor.

Registration Policies

Full-time students who register for more than 18 credits must have the approval of their department chairperson or academic dean. Students on probation who want to register for more than 12 credits (full-time) or six credits (part-time) must have the written approval of the department chair.

Registration and schedule changes become official only when officially stamped by the registrar or approved via PointWeb by an advisor.

If you would like to take an Independent Study:
  1. After a discussion between student and instructor regarding an independent study, the form is initiated.
  2. The student and instructor will work together to create a syllabus for the course, including due dates and meeting times.
  3. The course must be designed and created by the end of add/drop, please see the academic calendar.

New Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students 


Please look for information from our Center for Student Success to assist you in preparing your first semester course schedule. A welcome packet will be mailed home with more registration information shortly.

Transfer Students

 Transfer students preparing to enter in the term will be assigned a success coordinator to assist you in creating your semester course schedule. 

We look forward to your arrival on campus!

Current Students