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For Students:

To view your bill online:
  1. Log in to PointWeb
  2. Select "Students" 
  3. Select "Student Accounts" 
  4. Select "Current Statement"
  5. Select "Generate Current Statement"
  6. Select "View Current Statement"
To pay your bill online:
  1. Log in to PointWeb.
  2. Select the "Students" 
  3. Select "Student Accounts" 
  4. Select "Payment Center"
  5. Select "Tuition Payment"
  6. Complete the required fields and select "Confirm" to submit payment

For Authorized Payers:

Once your student adds you as an Authorized Payer, log in to QuikPAY using your username and password to view and pay the account.

For Guest Users:

A guest user does not need a username and password.  Guest users have the ability to make a payment on a student account, but do not have access to the student account statement. 

  1. Go to PointWeb
  2. Select "Guest Login & Flex" under "Quick Links" 
  3. Select "Guest Login + Flex" 
  4. Enter the student's ID number and date of birth
  5. Select Payment Option
  6. Enter Payment Amount and Select Payment Method
  7. Follow prompts through completion