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International Education Payments Made Easy

Point Park University has partnered with Flywire to streamline the tuition and fee payment process for our international students. Flywire, via peerTransfer, offers multiple payment options and excellent foreign exchange rates. They will ensure your payment arrives safely and accurately.

How to Make Your Payment

Paying tuition with Flywire is safe, fast, and convenient. Follow the simple steps below to submit your payment:

1. Get Started

Go to the Flywire website. Enter your payment amount and country of origin.

2. Select Payment Method

Review the payment options provided, and select your preferred method. Options may include bank transfer, debit/credit card in your home currency, electronic payment, or other local options.

3. Enter Your Details

Create your account, then enter some basic information to initiate your payment. We will include this information with your payment for easy identification by your institution.

4. Make Your Payment

Follow the instructions provided to send funds to Flywire via your selected method.

  • BANK TRANSFERS Follow the instructions provided to send your funds. Depending on your bank, payment may be made online, in person, or over the phone.
  • DEBIT/CREDIT CARD Enter your card details online to complete your payment in your home currency.

Note: Additional local payment options may be available depending on your country of origin.

5. Track and Confirm

Track your payment by logging into your Flywire account at any time. Receive text and email status updates each step of the way, including a confirmation when your payment has been delivered.


How to Make Your Payment Via PointWeb

1. Log into PointWeb.

2. Select the "Student" tab at the top of the page.

3. Select "Student Accounts" from the menu bar on the left side of the page.

4. Select "Payment Center," located under the "Account Info" heading.

5. Select "Foreign Currency" from the drop-down menu.

6. Enter the amount you would like to pay and the country of payment origin.

7. Click on the "Continue to Flywire" button to review and finalize your payment.