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What is PaperCut?

PaperCut is the print management system used by Point Park University. The print management system tracks all student printing, alerts support staff to any potential issues, and gives users greater control over their print accounts. Users may access their print accounts by visiting and logging in with their Point Park Domain Account.

Print Credits

At the start of every semester, all registered students are allocated 30 print credits, which are used when printing to any computer lab printer.

Cost per Page

Printing costs
Black & White Printing 0.05 Credits per Page
Color Printing 0.20 Credits per Page
Photo Lab Printing 3.00 Credits per Square Foot

Adding Print Credits

Students wishing to add additional print credits to their account may do so by visiting the Technology Help Desk in TH220.

Refund Request

In the event that there is an error with one of the printers and a student is inadvertently charged for the printout, a refund request my be submitted via PaperCut. All requests will be automatically sent to the Technology Help Desk for review, and a determination will be made within seven days.


In a hurry to print out an assignment minutes before class? Students now have the ability to print MS Office documents and PDF files to select lab printers from their own personal laptops using WebPrint.

To use WebPrint, just log in to the PaperCut user portal at, click WebPrint from the sidebar menu, and then follow the instructions for submitting a job to one of the available printers. Currently, WebPrint is only available for use with the general use printers at the University Center and the 2nd floor of Thayer Hall.