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Point Park University Police Department is responsible for providing all members of the University community with a safe and secure environment in which to work, learn and live. The department has sworn police officers and dispatchers. Police officers respond to criminal, security, fire and medical emergencies and are on duty 365 days a year. The department has received accreditation from the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association.

Residence Hall Access and Security

Access to the residence halls is limited to Point Park University students, their escorted guests and authorized representatives of the University. Guests of students residing in residence halls must sign in at the security desk located in the lobbies of those buildings. Guests must produce a valid photo ID when signing in.

Residence Hall Security Measures

All Point Park University residence entrances are locked 24 hours per day. A swipe card is required to enter the residence floors in Lawrence and Thayer Halls. A swipe card is needed to enter the main entrance of Pioneer and Conestoga Halls. A swipe card and access code are required to enter the residence suites in the Boulevard Apartments, Pioneer and Conestoga residence halls. Each student's room within the suites is accessed by key. The windows in the residence halls have "stops" placed on them, limiting the opening to six inches. All hallway doors have viewing holes. Only persons authorized to enter the residence areas are issued swipe cards or keys.

All ID cards, including those for the residence halls, are controlled and issued by Physical Plant and Campus Life departments control the issuance of keys to the residence halls.

Campus Access

Academic and administrative areas on campus are normally locked after business hours unless they are being used for legitimate evening or educational purposes. A valid Point Park University ID card is required for campus access after business hours Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday.

Access to the University Center and Student Center is limited to those who possess a valid Point Park University ID or guests of the University. Access to the University Center and the Playhouse is restricted to the posted hours of operation. These hours vary according to the time of the year. Each building is secured according to the schedule established by the department responsible for the facility.

Persona Non Grata

If an individual has demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to conduct him or herself in accord with University policy or applicable law, the chief of police may issue a Persona Non Grata letter informing the individual that he/she is not allowed on any Point Park University property. Failure to comply may subject the violator to arrest and prosecution for Trespass to Property.

Police officers and desk attendants have the authority and the responsibility to ask anyone, at any time, for their Point Park University ID if they question a person's authorization to be on campus or in a particular area of any of the buildings.