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Community Engagement

A Strategic Driver of Pioneer Vision 2030


Point Park will address societal challenges through the exchange of ideas and experiences, through the sharing of talent and knowledge and as thoughtful stewards of physical resources.



Goals for the strategic initiative of community engagement include:

  • Revitalize Downtown Pittsburgh by creating a dynamic urban hub, sustained by mixed generational housing, an active residential student body, outstanding recreational assets and world-class performing arts venues and programming.
  • Develop partnerships with industry to offer workforce development.
  • Leverage new Institute of Community Engagement to facilitate experiential learning opportunities for students and faculty, as well as consulting and translational research opportunities for graduate students and faculty.
  • Pursue and achieve the Carnegie Elective Classification for Community Engagement.
  • Develop and support programs, services and physical spaces that cultivate a welcoming campus.

Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators for the strategic initiative of community engagement include:

  • Number of community outreach programs
  • Participation in local events
  • Alumni engagement/giving
  • Economic impact to Pittsburgh
  • Collaboration with local industry
  • Student participation in community service (NSSE)

Community Engagement in Action