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Student Experience

A Strategic Driver of Pioneer Vision 2030


Point Park will establish and nurture an inclusive learning environment that celebrates diversity and belonging and supports students to perform at the highest level.



Goals for the strategic initiative of student experience include:

  • Revitalize the University community, comprising students, faculty, staff and alumni, and involving all groups in purposeful, dynamic and exciting consistent programming throughout the academic year.
  • Create a sense of student belonging. 
  • Achieve further excellence in athletics.
  • Enhance service learning.
  • Continue to prioritize mental health resources to make support readily available and easier to access for all students.
  • Develop study abroad and student exchange opportunities consistent with the University mission.
  • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion across all organizational levels.
  • Enhance support services for veterans and dependents of veterans.

Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators for the strategic initiative of student experience include:

  • Student satisfaction (overall)
  • Student engagement
  • Campus climate surveys (DEI-oriented)
  • Retention/graduation rates/time to completion
  • Graduates employment rates/starting salaries

Student Experience in Action