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Pictured above: Pioneer Records 2019-20 Star Elias Khouri

Gain Hands-On Experience in the Recording Business 

Pictured is Pablito Uri. Submitted photo.
Pablito Uri, 2020-21 Pioneer Star

Unique among colleges and universities in the Pittsburgh region, Pioneer Records is a Point Park University-operated record label managed by the sports, arts and entertainment management department, and housed at Red Caiman Media, a commercial recording studio in Pittsburgh's Uptown section.

Our students have a classroom space at Red Caiman Media, along with access to the studio's recording and production rooms, allowing them to acquire first-hand experience on the various aspects of a record label.

Over the course of a semester, students working with Pioneer Records learn how to:

  • Sign an artist or band to a contract
  • Assist in the development of a CD
  • Secure the necessary intellectual property protection
  • Develop a marketing campaign to promote the artist or band
  • Execute a CD release/mp3 launch party 
  • Deliver a three-song EP to the artist or group and more!
Pictured is the logo for Pioneer Records, the recording studio managed by the sports, arts and entertainment department at Point Park.

"The impetus behind Pioneer Records came out of student feedback indicating a strong interest in understanding the business model of a creating a successful record," said Steve Tanzilli, J.D., dean of the Rowland School of Business.

"We want students to come away from the Pioneer Records program with a thorough understanding of what it takes to bring a successful record to the consumer, and at the same time, as educators, we want our students to have an opportunity to see what a career in the recording business is really like," Tanzilli added.



About Red Caiman Media

Red Caiman Media's mission is to provide a creative and inspiring environment in which artists can develop and produce great music.

Location of Red Caiman Media

The studio offers recording, mixing, mastering, graphic and web design and CD duplication/manufacturing services for its clients along with state-of-the-art equipment and highly experienced engineers, producers and musicians.

"Making a successful record takes more than just being a talented musician. Multi-platinum recording artists are the product of a lot of hard work, long hours and dedication, much of which happens after the song is actually recorded," explained Naus.

The studio is owned by Jesse Naus, a professional recording engineer/producer and instructor in Point Park's SAEM department.


Paid Apprenticeship Opportunities

Pioneer Records offers the following four apprenticeship opportunities:

  • Operations director
  • Multimedia director
  • Marketing/publicist/promotions manager
  • Booking/sales manager

In these positions, students gain hands-on experience in the areas of booking talent, managing studio logistics and photo shoots, creating press kits and CD covers, coordinating media requests, social media promotion and more.

For more information about apprenticeship opportunities with Pioneer Records, contact Ed Traversari at or 412-392-4742.

Pictured is Dejah Monea. Photo by Nathaniel Holzer.

Pioneer Records 2019-20 Star Dejah Monea. Photo by Nathaniel Holzer.

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