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Point Park University Joins Nationwide Initiative to Bridge Tech Skills Gaps in Pittsburgh’s Innovation Ecosystem
Point Park University launched a partnership designed to help businesses close talent gaps in the region’s fast-growing tech sector. The initiative, developed in collaboration with tech talent accelerator SkillStorm, will provide state and regional employers with access to previously untapped talent pools, as well as a means to upskill their existing workforce through career-aligned training programs that lead to industry-recognized credentials.

Point Park launches Citizen Reporting Academy (TribLive 7/19/2023)
The face of American journalism is changing as more communities find themselves without local media coverage. Point Park University’s Citizen Reporting Academy, a fully online certificate program, aims to give citizens the chance to fill in those gaps.

Citizen Reporting Academy Latest Effort to Combat Media Deserts by Center for Media Innovation
A drastic reshaping of American media continues, as more and more parts of the country find themselves without local media to cover their communities. Point Park University’s Citizen Reporting Academy, a fully online certificate program, aims to help people interested in filling those gaps.