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The School of Continuing and Professional Studies is proud to work with PA CareerLink® and local workforce development groups within Pennsylvania to provide training opportunities for adult and dislocated workers covered under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). We are an Eligible Training Provider (ETP) in PA, with several noncredit programs available to be covered under this funded program.

What is WIOA?

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was signed into law on July 22, 2014. WIOA is designed to help job seekers access employment, education, training and support services to succeed in the labor market and to match employers with the skilled workers they need to compete in the global economy.

Who qualifies for WIOA through PA Career Link®?

To qualify, you must be a Pennsylvania resident who is a US Citizen or eligible to work in the United States. Required documentation includes proof of US citizenship or eligibility to work status, current address, Social Security number, and, if applicable, verification of Selective Service Registration. To be eligible for funding, you must qualify based on income or as a dislocated worker.

Income Eligibility

To be income eligible you must meet one of the criteria below: 

  • You meet the Total Gross Family Income Guidelines for the number of people in your family (as provided by your local PA CareerLink office.)
  • You or your family/household member receives or in the last 6 months received TANF, SNAP or SSI.
  • Your child is eligible to receive free or reduced price lunch under the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act.
  • You are a person with a documented disability and meet the Total Gross Family Income for a family of one at or below $18,808.

Dislocated Worker Eligibility

To be eligible you must meet one of the criteria below:

  • You were permanently laid off from a job no more than three years prior to your WIOA registration date or have received notice of a layoff. Staffing services assignments must have been 6 months or longer to qualify.
  • You are eligible to collect or have exhausted your Unemployment Compensation benefits.
  • You are working 28 hours or less per week and your current gross weekly wages are 80% or less than your gross weekly wages from your job of dislocation.
  • You are not working at a job that is similar to the position from which you were laid off.

WIOA-Approved Programs

StackRoute Online Technology Bootcamps 

Program Overview:  Fully online with live lectures from IT industry professionals. Tuition includes all books and virtual lab environments. Topics include Cloud System Administration, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, and Web Development.

Enrollment Period: New cohorts start monthly.

Program Length: 6 – 7 months

Average Cost: $13,000 maximum; as low as $8,500 with approved scholarships and/or discounts. 

Skillstorm Online Technology Certifications 

Program Overview:  Fully online with live lectures from certified instructors and virtual lab environments. Cost includes study materials and an exam voucher. Certification topics include CompTIA, AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure AI, and PMI® Project Management Professional.

Enrollment Period: New cohorts start weekly or monthly.

Program Length: 4 – 8 weeks

Average Costs: $600 – $3,500


How to Register

You will first need to work with your local PA CareerLink® or workforce development group to determine your eligibility and approved funding amount, as well as complete any local requirements to ensure you are ready to begin your selected program.

Once we’ve received a copy of the agreement confirming your approval from your career advisor, our staff will reach out to connect you with an enrollment team member to begin the registration process 


You are only required to possess a high school diploma from an accredited institution or a GED. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree is not required for our approved programs.

Our online programs include the cost of books and any virtual lab environments you may be using. However, we do not cover the costs for internet access, computer desktops or laptops, or software.

Skillstorm certification programs also include one exam voucher to cover the cost of your first attempt. If additional exam attempts are needed, you will be expected to pay for those additional fees.

In general, you will need reliable internet access and to have access to a desktop or laptop computer that runs Microsoft Windows. Macs, Chromebooks, and tablet computers are not recommended.

Check the individual program pages for additional requirements such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams to attend live lectures, and Microsoft Excel for Data Analytics.

When you contact our office, we will provide the name and phone number of the specific person within our university who will be your point of contact. Listed below is our full mailing address which will need to be included on all your paperwork:

Point Park University
School of Continuing & Professional Studies
201 Wood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1912

Contact Us

Individuals interested in our programs may email us at SCPS@PointPark.Edu or call us our at (412) 392-6113.

All PA CareerLink® and local workforce development groups who are eligible to distribute WIOA funds are welcome to contact our office regarding agreements/contracts, enrollment confirmation, funding distribution information, progress reports, and more. Please contact our Managing Director of Online & Professional Studies at SCPS@PointPark.Edu or call (412) 392-3979.