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Cinema Arts Degree

Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Arts

Conservatory of Performing Arts

Flexible, Broad-Based B.A. Program Provides Hands-On Experience in Cinema Arts

The B.A. in cinema arts provides a more general approach to cinema arts, while still offering a creative and hands-on education. Students learn the basic skills and theories necessary to communicate their artistic vision, while offering a flexible schedule.

Three focus options are available in either cinema, animation or screenwriting. Along with a specific focus, a large offering of major electives allows a student to build their degree around their interest within cinema arts. And with fewer required courses in the major, students can pursue a double-major, a minor, or complete their degree in less than four years, making it a good option for transfer students.

Additionally, the program:

  • Allows a student more flexibility in structuring their education, with fewer courses in the major, and no yearlong senior thesis requirement.
  • Has fewer required courses in the major, which allows students to take more general electives so that they can build their own interdisciplinary course of study.
  • Requires students to complete 120 credits. 

Cinema Arts Focus Options

Before submitting an artistic portfolio, students will decide on a specific area of focus. The three options include cinema, animation or screenwriting. These areas of focus will allow for a student to study in one area for 12 credits.

Focus Course Requirements

Cinema: History of International Cinema, Production 1 and Visual Analysis

Animation: Digital Tools and Techniques, Motion Graphics, Fundamentals of Animation and History of Animation and Filmmaking 

Screenwriting: History of International Cinema, Intermediate Screenwriting, Story Analysis and Acting/Directing for Writers and Filmmakers

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