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Grow Your 21st Century Education Skillset 

Advance your career and expand your professional network in one of the fastest-growing segments of education. Point Park University's new Master of Education in Learning, Design and Technology degree is a 30-credit, fully online, cohort model program that focuses on research-based best practices in theory and direct application to a wide variety of K-12 educational settings. This innovative program is designed for those who work and teach in K-12 public, private, charter and basic education learning environments. The M.Ed. program in learning, design and technology also includes coursework required for the Pennsylvania Department of Education Certificate in Instructional Technology Specialist and a PDE Endorsement in Online Instruction, credentials critical to career advancement for 2021 and beyond.

Why Should I Choose Point Park for Learning, Design and Technology?

  • Fully online 30-credit program — We understand adults have busy schedules! Point Park online learning allows you to work, study and balance your personal life while earning a career-oriented degree in a flexible, "any time, any place" format. 
  • Cohort model — Students can complete our learning, design and technology program in five semesters with a cohort of supportive peers.
  • Skills-based curriculum  The curriculum guides students to develop knowledge and skills in inclusive instructional design, emerging technologies, digital media, pedagogical approaches, learning analytics, leadership, digital accessibility, emergency remote teaching and more. Courses prepare students to design, manage and evaluate instruction in online and hybrid settings, some of the fastest-growing segments of education. 
  • Field work and practicum experience  Authentic career-building experiences expand your professional skills while you work alongside leaders and mentors in learning, design and technology settings.
  • Career advancement  Online learning will continue to be an essential part of all K-12 learning environments, and the highest quality delivery of digital instruction will be a priority for all schools. This program focuses on instructional design, educational technology and online teaching to meet the growing needs of schools. 

Learn more about the new M.Ed. in learning, design and technology from Professor Vincenne Revilla Beltrán, Ph.D., in this blog post


Fully Online in a Flexible Format 

Our fully online30-creditcohort-based program will prepare you to effectively integrate technology into lessons, facilitate learner-centered activities, and develop interactive professional development programs for teachers in a wide range of K-12 learning organizations.  

The program is built to accommodate adult learners with professional responsibilities and competing demands for their time. Each course will be offered online in eight-week sessions, enabling each student in the program time to enroll in two courses per semester, completing the program in five semesters. 


The M.Ed. in learning, design and technology coursework equips students to effectively integrate technology into K-12 learning environments and develop interactive professional development programs for teacher training. Topics covered include:

  • Online learning management processes
  • Online course design and delivery best practices
  • Analytic and technical knowledge
  • Knowledge and familiarity with various technologies
  • Leadership and program management
  • Collaboration with diverse educators in K-12
  • Professional development training
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Planning and problem solving
  • Communication with key stakeholders, both internal and external, in K-12 environments

Outstanding, experienced faculty

Point Park's education faculty are recognized experts in their fields, bringing valuable real-world experience to online learning. Learn more about the educators leading this program below. 


Dr. Revilla Beltrán is a professor of education and one of the early adopters of online teaching in the 1990s. She has experience in the development, design, evaluation and delivery of traditional, blended and online courses and extensive consulting experience at all education levels. Dr. Revilla Beltrán is recognized as a successful leader, trainer, licensed counselor and board-certified coach. Her passion for student success and customized learning are hallmarks of her teaching practice. During her career, she has received numerous awards and recognitions. In 2019, she received the prestigious Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award. Her areas of expertise include online learning, culturally responsive teaching, adult education and training. Dr. Revilla Beltrán has received over $2.6 million dollars in grants for special projects and initiatives. Her research led to the development of the in learning, design and technology program. Read more about her experience and background on her faculty bio page.

Learn more about the new M.Ed. in learning, design and technology from Dr. Revilla Beltrán in this blog post


Dr. Chambers is an associate professor of education. Before beginning her doctoral program at the University of Pittsburgh, she was an elementary teacher in the Washington, D.C. area. At Point Park, Dr. Chambers teaches courses at the undergraduate, master's and doctoral level.  Dr. Chambers has developed new M.Ed. programs in reading specialist certification, as well as athletic coaching and administration. She has served as a chair of dissertations in the doctoral program, focusing on research on technology integration in K-12 settings. Dr. Chambers currently serves as a board member of Matt’s Makerspace, Inc. During the summer of 2021, Dr. Chambers will present her work on using poetry in makerspace classrooms at the UKLA International Conference in Oxford, England. Read more about her experience and background on her faculty bio page.


Dr. Frey is a recognized leader in the design, development, evaluation and teaching of online programs. She is a prolific author of numerous publications in the field of online learning and digital accessibility. She has presented at national and international conferences. Her extensive experience as a teacher, designer, trainer, consultant and practitioner in online learning spans 30 years. As a consultant, Dr. Frey has served professional organizations, community colleges, universities and the military in the application of best practices for online teaching and learning. Dr. Frey was a consultant in the development of the learning, design and technology program.

Visit the links below to read some of Frey's recent publications releated to online learning and technology.


Dr. Kearns specializes in academic transformations at the course and program levels, pedagogical innovation and the advancement of knowledge in the fields of higher education teaching, online and blended learning and large-scale course redesign. She is recognized for her expertise in program development and the administration of online education. Her experience spans all aspects of the planning, development, delivery and assessment of online programs and courses. She has published and presented on topics such as assessment in online learning, faculty development for online teaching and faculty professional learning. Dr. Kearns was a consultant in the development of the learning, design and technology program.

Faculty bring industry experience to the classroom

Courses are taught by faculty who have years of real-world experience as leaders in education and administration.

Meet the faculty
Pictured is Vincenne Revilla Beltrán, Ph.D. File photo.
Professor of education, founder and director of Project Children LEAD