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Fully Online Graduate Program for Professional Educators

Our 30-credit, fully online Master of Education in Reading and Literacy cohort program is designed to accommodate professional educators and those who are seeking certification as a Reading Specialist through the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The objectives of Point Park University’s M.Ed. in Reading and Literacy program are to:

  • Provide professional educators with a thorough understanding of educational theories while emphasizing collaborative, hands-on, learning using appropriate technologies.
  • Prepare professional educators to develop curricula for content areas that incorporate diverse learner populations and settings across the lifespan.
  • Prepare professional educators to develop appropriate and effective instructional methods which address the needs of diverse student populations across content areas and in a variety of classroom settings.
  • Prepare professional educators to successfully address contemporary educational issues, such as effective classroom and behavior management, diversity issues, learning styles and differentiated instruction, and integration of technology across the curriculum.

What You Learn

You will learn enhanced reading skills that will enable you to work one-to-one or in small groups with students that are experiencing difficulty reading at grade level. You will obtain the necessary skills to assess students’ reading abilities, identifying deficiencies and creating intervention plans for grade-level students who have been identified in need of additional reading help. The courses will strengthen your ability to teach reading and enable you to work school wide or district wide coaching other teachers in effective reading practices.

In addition to assessment and intervention of students with reading deficiencies, you will learn about teaching Reading in the Content Areas, the Reading and Writing Connection, and the skills needed to coach other teachers in the classroom.

Receiving your Reading Specialist Certification will also enhance your capacity in the job market by opening other educational avenues. Obtaining the credits for Reading Specialist can also be applied toward gaining permanent certification.

At Point Park University, we understand the needs of today's students and have tailored our graduate education programs to be offered fully online.


Courses & Topics

Some of the courses in our Master of Education in reading and literacy graduate program include:

  • Foundations of Literacy
  • Literary Assessment
  • Content Area Design & Instruction
  • Research Methods
  • Technological Applications Across the Curriculum
  • Culturally Responsive Schools

Faculty bring industry experience and expertise to the online classroom

Courses are taught by faculty taught who have years of real-world experience as teachers and education administrators.

Meet the faculty
Pictured is Associate Professor of Education Richard Gutkind, Ph.D.
  • Teacher, principal and executive director in the Pittsburgh Public Schools for 35 years
  • Presents at many local and national educational conferences
  • Research interests in school leadership, school reform and assessment and instruction