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Students interested in reserving your spot at Point Park University for Fall 2023 should pay a tuition deposit by May 1. Paying your deposit allows you to take advantage of class registration and housing options.
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This Bachelor of Arts in education program will prepare you to teach children in grades 4 through 8. Students choose one of four subject-area concentrations — English, math, science or social studies.

You’ll take 30 credits in your specialty area and then round out your academic credentials with at least 12 credits in each of the other three concentrations. 

Students are eligible to apply for the Instructional I Certificate issued by the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania if they have:

  • Successfully completed the program leading to certification;
  • Passed the required PRAXIS exams, and
  • Demonstrated competence in student teaching.

Degree Requirements by Subject

Follow the links below to see the degree requirements for each 4th grade - 8th grade subject-area concentration.

Faculty bring industry experience and expertise to the classroom

Courses are taught by faculty taught who have years of real-world experience both as teachers and administrators in the education field.

Meet the faculty
Pictured is Education Professor Christal Edmunds, Ph.D.
  • Founded her own Montessori-driven private school
  • Has taught at Point Park for more than 25 years
  • Helped the Hogar Ayau Raphael Orphanage in Guatemala City, Guatemala
Student Spotlight: Olivia Lehman '25
"The faculty at Point Park care about their students and want them to succeed, motivating them to put their best work and their best foot forward."
Pictured is Olivia Lehman. Photo by Natalie Caine.