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The electrical engineering and mechanical engineering programs at Point Park University culminate in two-course, senior design experiences in which students form interdisciplinary teams to propose, build and document real-world engineering projects ranging from software applications and solar arrays to machine design in various applications.

Many of these projects are sponsored by local engineering firms who use the same engineering software as Point Park students and faculty. These partnerships lend a high level of accountability and realism to the experience and help students to build professional ties to potential employers. 

Explore the following projects completed by Point Park senior electrical and mechanical engineering students.

Six Degree of Freedom Flight Table Design

Rakan Almughrabi and Jacob Pasternak used software to design and simulate a new type of mechanism called a hexapod that can be used for a variety of applications including robotics.

The senior mechanical engineering students used specific criteria relating to the torsional resonance and range of actuation. 

Pictured is a rotation of a hexapod project by senior Point Park engineering students.
Virtual Multi-Channel Power Meter

Anthony Romano and Ram Dhital developed a hardware and software system that measures AC electrical power up to 600Vac and 20Aac. The objective of their project was to provide a proof of concept low cost Power Quality Meter.

Using a data acquisition device that was owned by the University, LabView Software and low cost components, the electrical engineering students assembled a Power Meter that reported RMS values of Voltage and Current in a single phase system, along with Apparent Power, True Power, Reactive Power and a waveform display of current and voltage.

Pictured is Anthony Romano and Ram Dhital's hardware and software system.
Engineering at Point Park University

Our Bachelor of Science degree programs in electrical and mechanical engineering combine rigorous theoretical study with practical, hands-on experience.

Students thrive in an environment of challenging courses, caring and experienced faculty and small class sizes.

Our distinctive programs provide graduates with outstanding preparation for professional practice, graduate school and engineering licensure.