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COMM 311

School of Communication majors complete a practicum in a concentration of their choice.

The goal is that students gain practical, hands-on experience through working as apprentices for various University media and applicable offices.

Faculty supervise all students who complete an agreed-upon list of assignments at sites such as the campus newspaper, broadcast studios, tasks in appropriate school offices and endeavors involving advertising, marketing, sports information, public relations, alumni affairs or admissions and recruitment.

A site supervisor will evaluate the student’s minimum *50 hours effort for the semester. The site list is approved by the faculty, and will be expanded or reduced as needed.

The practicum should be completed by the junior year to prepare students for internships at outside media, advertising and public relations agencies or appropriate corporate, governmental or community organizations.

*Beginning Fall 2023: students are required to complete a minimum of 50 hours instead of 70 hours for the semester.