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Gain New Perspectives on the World 

Studying abroad can be an amazing opportunity to expand your view of the world, learn about different cultures and grow personally and professionally.

Our students who have studied abroad have described it as "amazing," "inspiring," "fantastic," "memorable" and "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

A World of Possibility

Point Park-affiliated programs include:

  • Regent's University London
  • American University of Rome
  • University of West London (open only to musical theatre majors in the fall semester of their junior year)
  • SEK International (open only to education majors during their student teaching semester)

Point Park also partners with:

  • CEA Study Abroad Programs
Pictured is SAEM major Tove Johnson.

"I have grown so much from studying abroad. It was such a fantastic experience and the best decision I ever made," — Töve Johnson, SAEM major, studied abroad at Regent's University London

Pictured is an icon of a person holding a globe.Key Benefits of Studying Abroad

As a study abroad student, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain new insights, ideas and perspectives on the world
  • Immerse yourself in different cultural environments
  • Experience independence like never before
  • Make memories to last a lifetime

Pictured is an icon of building in Rome.Study Abroad Options

Students have several options for pursuing a study abroad experience:

  • Point Park-affiliated programs through Regent's University London and American University of Rome. Musical theatre majors have the opportunity to study abroad at the University of West London during the fall semester of their junior year, and education students have the opportunity to spend a portion of their student teaching requirement at one of the SEK International School locations. 
  • Partnership programs include the numerous opportunities offered through CEA Study Abroad.
  • Independent programs at other destinations such as Semester at Sea® and IES Abroad®
  • Faculty-led programs for shorter periods of time (two to three weeks on average) as part of their course.

Learn more about your options on the study abroad destinations page.

Pictured is a luggage icon.Preparing to Study Abroad

From the application process and meeting with your academic advisor, to applying for/renewing your passport and making travel arrangements, studying abroad requires extensive planning.

If you are considering studying abroad, visit the preparing to study abroad page for helpful tips on planning for your trip.

Learn More

For questions and more information, visit Point Park's PointSync study abroad site or contact

Students are also welcome to stop by the Office of Student Life, seventh floor of the Student Center.

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