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Point Park University Establishes Teach-Out Program to Assist Pittsburgh Technical College Students

Variety of Programs Available to Impacted Students

Point Park University has a teach-out program with Pittsburgh Technical College (PTC), as it works to assist as many PTC students as possible in the wake of an announced closure.

As part of the agreement, Point Park will honor PTC tuition rates, and students must complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. In addition:

Dr. Chris W. Brussalis, president of Point Park, said the University’s desire to help and support PTC students is part of its core mission.

“We exist as a University to support, educate and advance our region,” Dr. Brussalis said. “Losing a school like Pittsburgh Technical College is sad and very disruptive to the community, and it is important that we do what we can to assist those impacted by its closing.”

Point Park is prepared to work with any PTC student, but believes there are special, specific PTC programs that will benefit most by coming to the University. These include programs in:

Matthew Pascal, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Natural Sciences and Engineering at Point Park, said the University is the perfect landing spot for many PTC students.

“Our department has strong and stable traditional programs in the biological sciences, as well as civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, with new and exciting programs on the horizon,” Pascal said. “We would love to help students find their way through, and Point Park is here for them with exceptional academic opportunities.”

Pascal also noted that Point Park is a good fit for students at Triangle Tech, which announced it will close all six of its locations in Pennsylvania.

Bernie Ankney, Ph.D., dean of the School of Communication at Point Park, said his school offers multiple programs that are good fits for PTC students, including digital media and video production, graphic design and web/UX design.

“We offer Bachelor of Arts programs in Broadcast Production, Multimedia Production, Multimedia Visual Communication and Photojournalism that all align nicely with PTC majors,” Ankney said. “We also offer B.F.A. programs in Graphic and Interactive Design and Photography for students pursuing more of an artistic degree.”

Point Park to House, Maintain Pittsburgh Technical College Records

Point Park has agreed to become the official records repository for Pittsburgh Technical College, maintaining all student transcripts, diplomas and employee records after the college's official closure later this summer.

The agreement ensures that records for thousands of PTC students and employees will be preserved and available for future verification of enrollment, degrees earned and employment. Point Park will safeguard the records in perpetuity.

“We are honored to take on this important responsibility as our community reacts to the sad news of Pittsburgh Technical College's closure after more than 75 years of service," said Dr. Brussalis. "Ensuring these records are properly maintained is critical for the current students, alumni and former employees of this respected institution. Point Park is committed to being a trusted steward of such an impactful academic legacy."

Under the agreement, all hard copy records and electronic databases containing Pittsburgh Technical College's student and employee files will be transferred to Point Park's Office of the University Registrar. The University will respond to all requests for official transcripts, verification of degrees and employment files going forward.

Transfer Concierge Services

To get started, PTC students can simply call 412-392-3430 to access their transfer concierge services. We can arrange conversations with deans, faculty members, financial aid experts and admissions counselors and answer any questions.

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