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The Pioneer Ambassadors are a group of student leaders who work directly with the incoming students and families. They promote the sustainability and success of Point Park University to incoming students, families, and faculty



Margaret Hinnebusch 
Graduate Assistant

Margaret Hinnebusch is from Canton, Ohio, and is a graduate student studying Healthcare Administration and Management. She is the Graduate Assistant for Student Affairs and Orientation Coordination. Margaret was a Psychology and Behavioral Science double-major during her undergraduate years. She currency oversees the Pioneer Ambassador team and staff to help organize and coordinate the program. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and hanging out with friends in her free time.



Pioneer Ambassador Coordinators (PAC's)



Matt Ross
Pioneer Ambassador Chair

Matt Ross is a senior Sports, Arts, & Entertainment Management major. He is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is this year's Pioneer Ambassador Chair. As the chair of the Pioneer Ambassador program, he is focused on assisting the Pioneer Ambassador coordinators as well as training the Pioneer Ambassadors to effectively plan and coordinate Pioneer Experience alongside the Graduate Assistant in the Office of Student Affairs. Matt's main interests are live entertainment and music! He loves listening to music as well as creating music and going to all different kinds of live events such as concerts, theater, and sporting events.




Drew Shoemaker
Pioneer Ambassador Coordinator of Brand Management &
Social Engagement

Drew Shoemaker is from Orlando, Florida, and serves as the Pioneer Ambassador Coordinator of Brand Management and Social Engagement. They are currently attending Point Park for their BFA in Dance with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. In their position, Drew handles and maintains social media profiles to show the student body who Pioneer Ambassadors are and what our purpose is. Outside of school, Drew enjoys drawing, filming, meditating, and making jewelry.





Allie Plassio
Pioneer Ambassador Coordinator of Membership and Training

Allie Plassio is from North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, and is an elementary education and special education major. Allie is the Pioneer Ambassador Coordinator of Membership and Training and ensures all of the Pioneer Ambassadors (PA's) are prepared to fulfill and represent the mission of the Pioneer Ambassadors as well as foster a productive relationship between the PA’s and the incoming freshman. Allie will also be striving to foster engagement among other leadership positions that involve morale and freshman/student involvement this upcoming year. She is on the cross country and track and field teams and is the treasurer of On Point Acapella! Allie also enjoys doing yoga and getting coffee with friends!





Kellyn McNulty
Pioneer Ambassador Coordinator of Service Initiatives

Kellyn McNulty is from northern Virginia and currently serves as the Pioneer Ambassador Coordinator of Service Initiatives. She is a junior at Point Park pursuing a BFA in Dance with a concentration in Jazz. Kellyn is responsible for overseeing all service projects conducted during the Pioneer Experience. In her free time, she enjoys watching Netflix, baking and making art.







Justin Antoszewski
Pioneer Ambassador Coordinator of Activities and Events

Justin Antoszewski is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is studying Secondary Education (English) and Special Education major at Point Park. Justin is the Pioneer Ambassador Coordinator of Activities and Events and focuses on planning and organizing events that are held throughout the academic year, starting from orientation week to continuity events! He enjoys laughing and walking across crosswalks!







Mara Leroux
Pioneer Ambassador Coordinator of Campus Involvement

Mara Leroux is a junior Cinema Production Major from North East, Pennsylvania. They are currently serving as the Pioneer Ambassador Coordinator of Campus Involvement. Mara's position focuses on the responsibilities of involvement on campus through leadership roles within Pioneer Experience and connecting other clubs with the Pioneer Ambassadors. They also enjoy writing music, creating art, and exploring the city.





Pioneer Ambassadors (PA's) 

List of Pioneer Ambassadors
Camryn  Archie Jantz Levin
Emma Armstrong Esai Martinez
Camelya Baker Delaney Metikosh
Frankie Bracey Madelyn Miessmer
Alicia Broyard Katie Moffatt
Erin Claxton Cecily Moore
Tayler Cleveland Marley Parker
Hayley Cowan Julia Polisoto
Teagan deGroen Drew Simko
Jenna Filipski Kelsey Skonezny
Nanina Grund Luciana Swogger
Brandee Harkins Mara Van Thiel
Sophia Lee-Hauser


Pioneer Ambassador Leadership Support (PALS)

List of Pioneer Ambassador Leadership Support
Tanya Batista Kairi Stallsmith