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What is a Freshman Applicant?

  • Is in his or her senior year of high school, or
  • Has also never attended any college, university or technical school since graduating high school or earning a G.E.D. regardless of age or graduation status.
  • Is interested in attending classes on campus at Point Park University.

Admissions Requirements

  • A cumulative 2.50 academic weighted G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale in a recommended college preparatory program. A recommended college preparatory curriculum includes:
    • 4 years of English
    • 3 years of math including Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry
    • 3 years of history or social science
    • 3 years of science to include 1 year of a laboratory science
  • Standardized Test Scores are optional for academic year 2024 and beyond. All incoming freshman will be reviewed for admission for Test Blind Admission.
  • Candidate is NOT required to have taken both the SAT AND ACT exams.

Application Requirements

  1. Completed application form. Apply Online Free. (no fee, no deadline and no early decision)
  2. Beginning in 2024 freshman candidates will be reviewed using test blind admission criteria
  3. Official high school transcript or G.E.D. results
    • If you are a United States citizen and have completed secondary (high school) schooling outside of the U.S. you are required at cost to you, to have a certified credential evaluation of your official transcripts using one of the following services:
  4. Official college transcript if taking college-level courses while in high school
  5. Official SAT OR ACT results are optional (test scores printed on transcripts are accepted, and both tests are NOT required)
  6. A personal essay (optional). (refer to the Personal Essay page for further instruction)
  7. Letters of recommendation and resume (optional). There is no separate form for guidance counselors or recommendation letters.

The Admissions Decision

  • Early decision: A student with an exceptional academic record and a recommendation from high school officials and parents may apply for early admission at the end of the junior year. It is recommended that students interested in early admission take the SAT in March or May of their junior year in high school.
  • All applications are reviewed for an admissions decision and scholarship consideration (no separate application required for scholarship consideration).
  • No applicant is automatically denied admission.

Conditional Admittance

If you do not meet the minimum admissions requirements above, you may be offered admission into the FOUNDATIONS FOR SUCCESS program. Visit the Conditional Acceptance Page for additional information.

SAT and ACT Results

  • Are optional beginning in 2024
  • SAT Results: The best scored element from each exam is used. Was your math score better the second time around? That score will be considered.
  • ACT Results: The best overall composite score is used. Was your best composite score the third time around? That composite score will be considered.

Official Transcripts and Test Scores

Official Transcripts:

  • Have a seal or statement indicating no seal
  • Have a graduation date if applicable
  • Have a degree earned if applicable
  • Have an authorized signature
  •  Are preferably submitted electronically by your high school utilizing online transcript services:
    • Parchment
    • E-script
    • Scoir
    • They can also be emailed to us at directly from your guidance office.
    • They can be faxed from your guidance office to: 412.392.3902
    • If you complete the Common App, your guidance office can attached your transcript as well.
  • They can be mailed to Point Park by the issuing institution
    Mailing Address:
    Point Park University
    Office of Admission
    201 Wood Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Unofficial Transcripts:

  • Are photocopies or scanned copies
  • Have been faxed or e-mailed
  • Do not have an authorized signature
  • Are mailed to Point Park by someone other than the issuing institution

Official Test Scores:

  • Are printed on the high school transcript, or
  • Are included with the documentation sent by the high school guidance office
  • Are sent by the College Board or ACT Organization directly to Point Park

Unofficial Test Scores:

  • Are student reported scores
  • Are photocopies or scanned copies
  • Have been faxed or e-mailed
  • Are mailed to Point Park by someone other than the high school guidance office, College Board or ACT Organization

Hand-Delivering Required Documents

If the applicant hand delivers any of these documents directly to the Office of Admission, they must be in the issuing institution's sealed envelope.

Mailing Address

All documents may be sent under separate cover to:

Point Park University
Office of Admission
201 Wood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222