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Connect Majors to Careers

Curious about which majors lead to which careers? Click on one of the majors listed below to learn about the career opportunities available to you.

Under each major listed below, you'll find information about:

  • Areas of employment associated with each major
  • Employers that hire people with these majors
  • Strategies to guide you in preparing for your career in a specific major

Please remember, having a degree is just a first step in building a career. Getting work experience in your field through internships or volunteer work will help you to make connections and discover opportunities to get a job related to your major.

The first list below is in alphabetical order by major available at Point Park.Or, see the list of majors organized by school within Point Park University.

What Can I Do With This Major?

Forensic Science
Global Studies
Health Care Sciences
Human Resources
Management Information Systems
Political Science - Government
Public Administration
Public Health
Public Relations
Sport Management


Majors by school

Note: The "What Can I Do With This Major?" sheets may not correspond directly to specific majors offered by Point Park University, but reflect general information about majors in these disciplines.









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