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JOUR 311

The practicum is required of every student in the School of Communication and prepares students for their careers by involving them in professional work under the supervision of a faculty or staff member. The practicum offers students the opportunity to apply what they've been learning in the classroom to solve problems for a variety of departments and organizations across the University.

The practicum should be taken in the junior year as "basic training" for internships in the junior and senior years.

Each student will commit to 70 hours of work during the semester on a project or application directly related to the student's career focus - advertising, broadcasting (radio or television), photojournalism, print journalism, public relations, etc. In the past, students have worked for U-View, WPPJ and The Globe, University marketing, athletics, admissions, and the School of Communication.

For more information, pick up a Practicum packet in the School of Communication office.