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Pictured is Alexandra Bell. Photo by Madi Fisher.

Photo by Madi Fisher '23

Meet Alexandra Bell '24

Job Title & Employer
Literary Agency Intern, Ken Sherman & Associates
English/Creative Writing
Public Relations and Advertising
College Activities
Name Pen(ding), Point Park's creative writing club
Cortland, Ohio
High School
Lakeview High School
Now Living In
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Dream Job
Freelance writer or editor in a publishing house
Hobbies & Interests

Reading, trying new coffee shops, writing and watching horror movies 

"Point Park is the perfect place to experiment with fun projects and career-building. For anyone looking to be seen and heard in an environment where creativity is cultivated, Point Park is for you."

Alexandra Bell '24

How did you land your internship, and what are your duties and responsibilities?

I obtained a remote internship with Ken Sherman & Associates via Handshake, a job and internship search tool offered through the Professional Career-Readiness Center. The application process involved working with a screenplay and honing in on my critiquing skills as a writer. In my role, I create coverage pieces of written works by new and seasoned authors, such as novel manuscripts, scripts or screenplays. My responsibilities include reading and annotating the piece, documenting all necessary information (author info, genre, formatting, etc.), writing a logline and synopsis of what I read, offering commentary on what I liked and what confused me as a reader and writing a statement on whether or not the agency should consider representing the author. I typically receive a new piece to cover each week, though some pieces take longer depending on the length and how many issues I encounter on a first read.

How has Point Park prepared you for this role?

The workshop classes within the creative writing program prepared me for this experience and completely changed the way I approach my own writing and critiquing others. Within these classes, there’s a strong emphasis on developing your own voice as a writer in order to create authentic pieces, which helps with the revision process and critiquing other pieces through your own viewpoint. I’ve taken three workshop classes and have grown more confident in each one, learning how to collaborate with other writers and improve my writing in a safe, encouraging environment. The skills I’ve gained helped me obtain this role and gave me the tools to excel in it. 

What are the key benefits of Point Park’s creative writing program?

The intimacy of the small class sizes makes the learning experience so much more enthralling. Being able to work one-on-one with your professors is an underrated benefit that students don’t get access to at bigger universities. I’m glad to attend a school where this is prioritized, especially in the creative writing program, where talking to a professor about a piece could spark new ideas instantly. The creative writing program also has opportunities for young writers, such as cool events, readings and in-person and online seminars to connect with established writers. The on-campus creative writing club, Name Pen(ding), is also a great way for students to connect and create together. Point Park is the perfect place to experiment with fun projects and career-building. For anyone looking to be seen and heard in an environment where creativity is cultivated, Point Park is for you.

How is your minor in public relations and advertising enhancing your educational experience?

My minor has helped me identify ways in which I can employ my love for writing in various professional environments. Versatility as a creative is a huge skill, so learning how to write for different mediums and industries is key. Studying PR and advertising has shown me how I can use my passion for writing and creativity in other fields to represent others and work with other young professionals.

Describe some of your favorite faculty and courses. 

Feminist Fairy Tales with Jessica McCort has completely changed my life. We’ve studied everything from classic fairy tales to feminist revisionist work, such as the stories spun by the gifted hands of Angela Carter. It’s been amazing to discover the other side of the classic tales we were told as children and see how representation has changed since their creation. I also really enjoyed Zombies and Psychological Life with Robert McInerney. I loved learning about the hidden symbolism behind the zombification of the human species within film and the historical background linked to zombies in our culture. 

How is Point Park preparing you for career success?

Point Park is preparing me for a successful career because that’s exactly what they promise to their students and, as I have seen throughout my first two years here, they deliver on that promise in a multitude of ways. The amazing faculty within the Department of Literature, Culture and Society constantly share information on opportunities for students because they genuinely care about their students’ success. They encourage students to choose a career path meant for them based on their passions and skills, and there are always people to turn to for questions and guidance on campus. The only reason I found my internship was because Point Park promotes Handshake as a resource to students. I’m thankful to learn at a University that looks out for its students beyond the classroom.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’ve always had a love for stories, for delving into the depths of my imagination and seeing what I can create out of it. I used to struggle with the belief that my love for creation wasn’t important or purposeful in this world, but I’m so glad to now be somewhere where this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. The city of Pittsburgh – with its art, people, and celebration of creativity – has allowed me to become the person I’ve always wanted to be – the author of my own life.

Alexandra is a recipient of the 2023 New York State Summer Writers Institute Scholarship, a prestigious program that allows young writers to learn from distinguished, award-winning authors through workshops in poetry, fiction, non-fiction and historical fiction. 

 Learn more about Point Park's creative writing program in the video below:

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