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Pictured is Devon McGee. Photo by Ethan Stoner.

Photo by Ethan Stoner '26

Meet Devon McGee '25

Sports, Arts, Entertainment & Music Business
College Activities
Track and Field, SAEM Club, Rising Brothers and Sisters, administrative coordinator for the Black Student Union
Tempe, Ariz.
High School
Corona Del Sol High School
Dream Job
Sports psychologist for the Pittsburgh Steelers
Hobbies & Interests
Playing video games, building Lego sets and cooking

"Point Park provides its students with valuable professional experiences. In the psychology and sports, arts, entertainment & music business programs, I have been exposed to opportunity after opportunity to make professional connections early in my college career."

Devon McGee '25

Why did you choose Point Park University?

Having grown up in Pittsburgh before moving to Arizona, I wanted to come back to the city to be closer to my family. Multiple elements made Point Park my top choice. I loved the idea of going to a smaller school with a tight-knit community. Being a psychology major, I was very intrigued by Point Park's psychology program as it offers a unique humanistic approach. Lastly, the recent success of the track and field team ensured that I could continue to compete at a high level.

How did Point Park help make your transfer experience a smooth transition?

My academic advisors were the most important element in making my transition smooth. It was a tedious process getting all of my credits transferred and figuring out what classes I needed to take, but my advisors Judy Chanyi and Professor Robert McInerney have been a consistent resource in helping me build a schedule that works for me.

What do you like about Point Park’s psychology program?

My favorite part of our psychology department is the faculty. The professors at Point Park connect with us and frame conversations and lessons around what is going on in the world around us. This makes it easier to understand the principles of the lessons while allowing us to apply the knowledge we gain day in and day out. That real-world application, combined with the program's humanistic approach, has given me so much valuable information that I can apply to my life experiences. Professors Bethany MorrisSarah Schulz and Kevin Gallagher have done a phenomenal job leading discussions and expanding my views of psychological topics.

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How has your minor in Sports, Arts, Entertainment & Music Business (SAEM) enhanced your learning experience?

I had no idea how significant of an impact this would have on my college experience. Beyond the classroom, the SAEM program has enhanced my professional experience. Within weeks of getting involved, I participated in events that gave me experience in the field. Professor Paige Beal does a fantastic job teaching us how to expand our network and build connections and our professional profiles. I originally added the SAEM minor to enhance my resume, but very quickly after beginning classes, I started considering a profession in sports sales and management. Professors Melinda Colaizzi and Ed Traversari have provided extremely valuable insights into the inner workings of the field.

Describe your experience as a student-athlete at Point Park.

My experience as a student-athlete has tested me and pushed me to be the best version of myself and to be successful in all aspects of my life. My professors have been very understanding and helped accommodate my needs for me to be successful. While it presents challenges, being a student-athlete is also extremely rewarding. Moving across the country away from all of my friends was a tough adjustment, but being with the track team gave me an instant sense of community and allowed me to develop meaningful relationships very quickly.

Tell us about the student clubs and organizations you’ve been involved with and what you’ve gained from those experiences. 

One of my favorite elements of Point Park is how easy it is to get involved in organizations at the school. Rising Brothers and Sisters is a mentorship program in Point Park's Rowland School of Business with a mission to increase the representation of professionals of color on campus and in high schools through support systems and programs focused on academic preparedness, career readiness and character development. Working with Program Director Mitch Nickols to positively influence current high school students has been extremely rewarding.

I recently joined the board of the Black Student Union as the administrative coordinator. In my short time involved with the organization, we have distributed hygiene bags to the street population and are planning events for Black History Month.

The SAEM Club has been very rewarding as a resource for connecting with like-minded peers who have similar career focuses. This has helped me expand my network and sharpen my professional skills in this scope.

You recently volunteered with the Roberto Clemente Foundation. Tell us about your experience and what you enjoyed about it.

The Roberto Clemente Gala was an incredibly unique experience. It was mindblowing for my first volunteer experience within the event management field to be with such a prestigious organization. Being in the presence of and having conversations with professional athletes, news anchors and government officials is something I am still trying to wrap my head around. Contributing to the fluidity of such a major event gave me the confidence to explore the landscape of event planning even more. I realized how much I enjoyed the event when at midnight, even after nine hours of working, I was sad that the event was over.

What do you like about living and learning in Downtown Pittsburgh?

My favorite part of being downtown is the scenery. I live in the Southside neighborhood, so every day when I come across the bridge I get a beautiful view of the city and the bridges. The architecture throughout the city is gorgeous. A lot of my classes have amazing views of the city, too. My favorite thing is walking past PPG Place in the wintertime when the Christmas tree is up in the ice skating rink. That always gives me a big boost of serotonin. 

Why would you recommend Point Park to a prospective student?

Point Park provides its students with valuable professional experiences. In the psychology and sports, arts, entertainment & music business programs, I have been exposed to opportunity after opportunity to make professional connections early in my college career. I admire my professors' continuous commitment to learning. I love having professors who sit and have conversations with students and, despite having their Ph.D., are willing to have open-minded discussions and understand that they can learn from their students the same way we learn from them.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Get involved in as many clubs and organizations as your time and energy permit. Campus involvement is crucial for both social and professional development. Making friends in college is more challenging than in high school due to busier schedules with less structure. Student organizations give you a chance to find people with similar interests who you will see consistently. They also give you a chance to expand your professional network and be exposed to more professional development opportunities. Building connections and gaining experience in your field early on in your college experience opens doors for more opportunities later.

My favorite quote ever since I was a kid has been, "Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon." Going into college we are not even aware of our full potential. It is only realized by going out and doing things that push our limits. Do not let anyone tell you what you are capable of – go and find out for yourself.

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