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Pictured is high school English teacher and Point Park secondary education alumna and educational administration graduate student, Alexa Tokarski. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Meet Alexa Tokarski, Education Alumna and Grad Student

Job Title: High School English Teacher
Pittsburgh Perry High School
Degree earned:
Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education English
May 2010
Degree pursuing:
Master of Arts in Educational Administration, Point Park University
Expected graduation:
December 2013
College activities:
Women's soccer team, Honors Student Organization, NAIA Scholar-Athlete and Toastmasters
Hometown and current residence:
Pittsburgh, Pa.
High school:
Pittsburgh Obama Academy (formerly Schenley High School)
Soccer coach for Keystone Oaks High School, traveling and art

Who inspired you to become an English teacher?

I had a really fantastic high school English teacher named Ms. Jackson. She was flexible with her students, sweet and helpful — and she made you love English.

What factors made you choose Point Park?

Both of my parents graduated from Point Park. My mom was in the dance program and my father majored in journalism. My sister Leeza Marie is now a sophomore at Point Park.

I also chose Point Park because I received an academic/athletic scholarship and I liked the campus environment. Additionally, I wanted to stay in Pittsburgh, teach at a city school and be close enough to home to still see my family often.

How did you land your position at Perry High School?

While I was coaching soccer at the Pittsburgh Obama Academy, one of the English teachers was retiring so this led to me landing a permanent substitute position there. The principal at Pittsburgh Obama then put in a good word for me at Perry High School. This helped me to land an interview, and ultimately, a full-time teaching position at Perry.

Why did you decide to return to Point Park for your master's degree?

I really enjoyed earning my bachelor's degree at Point Park. Plus, I heard the University offered great master's programs so I figured it made sense to continue on here. I passed my principal boards this past spring and feel that Point Park really prepared me for the test. "The Principalship" class I took was especially helpful. It went over everything you need to be an effective leader in a school.

Describe the education faculty at Point Park.

The education professors are good people with strong backgrounds in the education field. They are so helpful with networking and are very supportive, flexible and inspiring toward students.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I'm really happy and blessed to have reached where I am right now. I want to continue to work hard to get where I want to be. My goal is to be a principal for a city school. I'd love to stay in Pittsburgh and continue to give back to the community.


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