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Pictured is accounting major and FEI Scholarship winner Eric Davis. | Photo by Amanda Dabbs

Meet Eric Davis

Major: Accounting
Expected Graduation:
May 2014
Cranberry Township, Pa.
High School
: Seneca Valley High School
Hockey, basketball, movies and hanging out with friends

Based on his high academic achievement, involvement with the Student Accounting Association and aspirations to work in accounting and finance, Davis was selected to receive the Kuldeep Shastri Memorial Scholarship from the Pittsburgh Chapter of Financial Executives International.

How did you become interested in the field of accounting?

In high school, I was always interested in math and crunching numbers. I originally wanted to be an actuary but realized I didn't like math that much. So I decided to study accounting because it gives you the ability to work for a variety of companies and analyze what their money is used for and where it came from.

Why did you choose Point Park?

I chose Point Park because I always liked the city growing up and wanted to live there. Going to a campus right in Downtown Pittsburgh was a nice opportunity for me to experience city living. Also, I like that Point Park's class schedules enable you to have three-day weekends.

Describe the teaching style of Point Park's accounting professors.

The professors not only explain the different accounting methods and practices but they say how and why they are used and applied in the real world. They do examples of the methods and show how they are used which is very helpful. Also, they are very open to questions from students.

How is the accounting program helping to prepare you for your career?

The accounting program is preparing me to do whatever my future job will ask of me in the right way according to accounting standards. Also, the program is preparing me to think outside the box since I will not have a textbook telling me all the variables to something I need to solve. Point Park's accounting program teaches you how to use the methods and concepts you learn in order to apply them to everyday situations.

What are your career goals?

One day I would like to start my own business, probably a home remodeling business or I would be happy working for a manufacturing company doing cost analysis or budgeting. After graduation, I am thinking of getting my Certified Public Accountant license and going to grad school. In addition, I would definitely like to get my Certified Management Accountant certification.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I'd like to thank Professor Cheryl Clark for nominating me.


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